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Champions: 1927/1928.
Premiers (6 times): 1984/1985, 1986/1987, 1989/1990, 1996/1997, 2000/2001, 2011/2012

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Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted in this decade 
Joe Barry, W. Burrows, W.F. Carroll, W “Dick” Carroll, Jack Casey (wicket-keeper), Frank Cleal, Maurice Collins (Captain of the OXFC from 1927 to 1929), Tim Collins, E.P. Cooke, J.E. Cooke, G. Crosbie, W.G. Crosbie, George Denton, Phil Gleeson, Jim McNamara and Joe Gibson (all 3 were wicket-keepers who left the Club to join the Jesuits, the latter two in 1927 and 1928 respectively). 

W. Hartung, Fr. T. Hehir, Dr. F. Keane, Joe Kelly (for more see below in notes for 1937/38 season), Ignatius Keogh, of whom “The Xaverian” 1934 recalled: “He was one of our most enthusiastic and most popular members and although I am told he was sending down ‘bodyliners’ for the School long before many of the present ‘Old Boys’ saw the light of day, he nevertheless retained his love for the game and as late as the 1928-29 season he was able to demonstrate his skill in the matter of ‘fourers’. In fact, it was his supreme disregard for anything under a four that made him such a ‘model of inconsistency between the wickets’ and broke the heart of more than one Old Xaverian who might otherwise have lived to a ripe old age”, M.C. Larkin, Jack Ley, Jim Madden, Jack Maloney, Dr. Sam Marron, M.Mornane, Harold “Mort” Mortensen, Brendan O’Halloran, Frank O’Halloran.

Roger O’Halloran, of whom it was said, in “The Xaverian” 1932, that he “closely resembles the Australian captain, Woodfull, for he is safe without being stodgy, and he invariably inspires confidence when he is at the wickets”, N. O’Keefe, Joe Plant (for more see below in notes for1926/27), L.W. Quin, Hermann G. “Mon” Schrader, T. Simpson, Boles Slaweski, I. Slaweski, Leo Starr, A. Tobin, Jim Williamson, Anthony (?) Wren, R.H. Wrigley.

The first season: 1926/27 
Maurice Collins was appointed Captain, a position he held for eight seasons and resumed after an absence of one year. 6 matches were played with 3 matches won and 3 lost. The Club finished in fourth place behind the eventual winners, Old Melburnians (“OMs”). The Club also defeated the School twice. 

Batting: Joe Plant (621 runs @ 62.1)
Bowling: Harold Mortensen, vice-captain, (26 wickets @12.4) 
The batting trophy was donated by Mr. F.J. O’Halloran.
Other batting and bowling: Joe Kelly averaged 54.8 with the bat and took 24 wickets @ 13.0. He left the Club to play with Kew. Joe Plant 33 wickets (@14.36). Roger O’Halloran (180 runs @ 45.0).

First wicket record partnership: 127 runs - Joe Plant & J McNamara v.MCC “B”. 
Fifth wicket record partnership: 108 runs (unbeaten) - Joe Kelly & Ignatius Keogh v. Old Scotch
Bowling partners: Harold Mortensen (4/41) & Joe Kelly (4/50) v. MCC “C”.
Joe Plant - 91 runs v. MCC “C” and a reported ‘game winning’ 162 not out against an MCC side, in one of the wins against either the “A” or “B” sides. The Club lost to the other two MCC sides. 
Joe took 5/45 v. the School in a match won by the Club.
Joe claimed a total of 33 wickets, including 5/79 against OMs. In the next season, Joe departed to play for the Fitzroy First Eleven and the Victorian Colts Eleven. He went on to play Sheffield Shield cricket for Victoria. In a 1967 issue of “Laurels”, it was indicated that he captained Fitzroy to at least one District Cricket premiership. It was also noted that, until a knee injury forced him out, he played League football for Richmond. For many years until the mid to late 1960s, he was coach of the School cricket team.

The O.X.C.C.’s championship year
This was the first season for which a championship trophy was played, a trophy donated by the MCC. 
Old Wesley joined the competition. This meant that all four Public Schools old boys were represented, the other teams being Old Scotch and Old Melburnians. The Club lost only once under competition conditions (to MCC “B”).

The Club also played non-competition games against St. Kilda and University Club Elevens (defeating St. Kilda once). 
It also defeated the School by 10 runs (despite fine schoolboy performances of 8/30 and 62 by Jack Daly and Frank Prendergast respectively).

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Roger O’Halloran (231 runs @ 28.89). 
Bowling: Jim Williamson (26 @ 13.79). 
Other batting: Maurice Collins (222 @ 27.75) 
Jim Madden (219 @ 21.9). 
Other bowling: Harold Mortensen (38 @ 15.27).

The trophies donated by Mr. F.J. O’Halloran (Batting) and Mr. J.E. Cooke (Bowling) were presented at an O.X. Football Club “Smoke Concert”. 

The Club conceded 200 runs to the opposition only once (to MCC “B”).
Ninth wicket record partnership: 43 runs - Harold Mortensen & Frank O’Halloran v. MCC “A”.

In addition to the batting and bowling trophies (from the same donors), a best All-Round Player award was introduced and the trophy donated by Mr. M.C. Larkins. OMs and Old Scotch did not participate this season.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Bowling: Harold Mortensen (27 @ 16.37) 
Batting: W. “Dick” Carroll (341 runs @ 37.88). 
Other batting: Maurice Collins 149 @ 24.83 
Brendan O”Halloran 240 @ 24.00. 
Other bowling: Dick Carroll (23 @ 19.04).
All-Round Player trophy: Dick Carroll - as Dick won that trophy, the batting trophy was allocated to Maurice Collins.

“The Xaverian” noted: “These trophies, through the kindness of the Old Xaverian Dramatis Club, were presented at the very successful performance given by the Thespians at Xavier on September 24th.”

Harold Mortensen: 3/30 & 5/48 v. MCC “A”, and, 5/52 v. St. Kilda Club XI.

Dick Carroll: 150 runs (opponent not identified). 
He also scored 61 runs and took 4/57 v. MCC “C”.

Maurice Collins 75 runs, Jim Madden 74 and Ignatius Keogh 56 v. St. Kilda.
Roger O’Halloran 73 runs, Jim Madden 65 & F. O’Halloran 54 v. MCC “A”.
As these two were Jim Madden’s only innings, he did not qualify for the batting trophy.

J Madden and Dick Carroll were listed with the VCA Colts and Roger O’Halloran departed to Collingwood.
The Club competition was this year made up of the Club Elevens of St. Kilda, University, Richmond and the MCC plus Old Wesley and OXCC. Result of season: 4 wins, 4 losses and 2 drawn. 

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Dick Carroll (223 runs @ 37.16 with a top score of 134 runs).
Other batting: George Denton (173 runs @ 24.71)
Maurice Collins and Harold Mortensen both scored 184 runs @ 18.40
Bowling: Jim Williamson (18 wickets @ 9.33) 
Other bowling: Harold Mortensen (most wickets for the season with 24 @ 14.20). 
Leo Starr 17 @ 13.64, Frank Cleal 20 @ 13.80 and Dick Carroll 19 @ 14.26.

Dick Carroll: 134.runs (opponent not identified). 
George Denton : 70 runs (opponent not identified).
Frank Cleal 8/39 v. St. Kilda Club XI.
Harold Mortensen 6/31 (First innings) & Jim Williamson 4/7 (Second innings) v. University. 
Eighth wicket record partnership: 50 runs - Jack Ley & Jim Horan v. St. Kilda.


Officials, players, members and /or supporters first noted in this decade
W.J. Barry, John Billings, F. Brady, Marcus Burke, Dick Buxton, S. Casey, J.A. Clarebrough, R. Connolly, Pat Costello, Kevin L. Crosbie, Jack Drake, J.F. “Jack” Dynon, Reg Foley, Frank Frewin (social “secretary” in 1935/36 & appointed Secretary to the OXFC in 1936), John Gooden, Jim Harbison, J.J. Haverty, Frank Higginbotham (B Grade VAFA Best & Fairest 1939, runner-up 1934), L. Holzer, Pat Hoppe (Captain of the OXFC 1936), Jim Horan, Tom Howard, John Hurley, Dr, J.G. Hurley, Dr. Allan Keane, Ray Kelly, Des Kennedy, Bill McCormack (wicket-keeper), Lal McLennan, Frank McLoughlin, Con McMahon, John “Jack” Molomby, Arthur Monks, Len Nicholson, Jack O’Shaughnessy, Dr. R. O’Sullivan, C. H. Rigg, T. Rowan, John M. Ryan (wicket-keeper), Vic Schneider, Allan.Shea, Des Sheahan, F. Clive. Sheahan, Vern Sheahan, who had been one of the Club’s star bowlers in his first season, left for medical studies at St. Andrews in early 1935. He finished second in the averages for 1934/35. H. Simpson, Joffre Smiley, Jack Tissot, Doug Williams, Dick Willis (wicket-keeper) & Bob Willis.

Said to be the youngest team since 1926 “as practically every member is a former first XI player”.
A team called the Chemists entered the competition. An MCC “E” team also appeared. 14 games were scheduled until the end of March 1931 but the Club recorded 4 wins, 5 losses and 1 draw.

Dick Carroll: 108 runs (out of a total of 344) v. Chemists.
Harold Mortensen 64 runs & Leo Starr 59 (First innings), &, Maurice Collins, a breezy 67 runs of a score of 4/80 (Second innings) v. University.
Tom Howard: 77 runs v. Chemists.
Jack Ley: 62 not out v. Richmond.
Jim Madden 62 runs & Dick Carroll 59 v. MCC “E”. 
Harold Mortensen: 59 runs v. Old Caulfield.
S. Jack Casey: 57 runs v. MCC “A”.
Second wicket record partnership: 167 runs - Dick Carroll & Tom Howard v. Chemists. 
Seventh wicket record partnership: 105 runs - Harold Mortensen & Leo Starr v. University 
Bowling partners: Frank Cleal (5/23) & Leo Starr (5/44) v. Richmond Club XI.

The Old Boys defeated the School 266 to 9/253. George Denton scored 67 runs in this game.

A Decade in the V.J.C.A. Turf Competition

The Club switched to the VJCA Turf competition (allegedly an idea conceived by Dick Carroll) and was allotted to “B” Division of the First Grade. Attendances at the nets were reported as “very satisfactory”. The opposition included Fairfield, South Hawthorn, Fitzroy Footballers (reigning premiers) and Williamstown District. Only one win was recorded. 

“The Xaverian” 1934 noted: 
“It was soon realized that the turf wickets of most of the VJCA clubs were not those of Xavier, Scotch, Wesley or the other Public Schools, and our first year in the Association found us occupying a position which, to say the least of it, was not very flattering to a band of ex-Public School cricketers”.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Bowling: George Denton (19 @ 11.7), Maurice Collins (19 @ 18.4) & Harold Mortensen (17 @ 19.1).

Brendan O”Halloran: 130 runs in the game against the School. George Denton: 95 runs v. South Hawthorn.

The Club was placed eleventh out of the twenty teams engaged in “A” & “B” Divisions of the VJCA first grade. The Club won 6 games, lost 4 and drew 1.

A loss to the School was suffered due to the intervention of rain after the School had completed its innings. 

Results: Won 6, lost 4 and drew 1, placed eleventh again. 

Fourth wicket record partnership: 127 runs - Jack Dynon & Frank Higginbotham v. Alphington.
Tenth wicket record partnership: 33 runs ­ Kevin Crosbie & J Drake v. Williamstown

J.F. “Jack” Dynon appointed Captain.
Maurice Collins was unavailable until later in the season. His loss was also felt by the OXFC where he was captain in 1927, 1928 and 1929 and scored 27 goals in 1927 and was the top scorer in 1932 with 53 goals. The Club competed in “A” Division of the VJCA, finishing seventh (of 12) with 5 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. The Club had led the competition with 2 games to play but lost those games by 5 and 7 runs respectively. Due to rain, play was possible on only 12 of 23 days and, in thanks to the School for managing to provide pitches in the circumstances, the Club presented a trophy to be awarded to a member of the First Eleven to be chosen by the Sportsmaster.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Frank Higginbotham (301 runs @ 23.15). 
Other batting: Jack Dynon (251 runs @ 17.93). 
Bowling: Jim Harbison (39 @ 8.95).
Other bowling: Vern Sheahan (18 @ 9.72) 
Kevin Crosbie (26 @ 10.92)
Maurice Collins (22 @ 12.64)
Higginbotham and Harbison were placed sixth in the VJCA competition.
The All-Round Player trophy was shared by Jim Horan (284 runs @ 21.85 & 29 wickets @ 12.41) and Jack Casey (197 runs @ 14.07 but bowling figures not reported).
Frank Higginbotham: 135 not out v. Lands Department. He was awarded a “Herald” bat. He had previously scored a century in this competition, the details of which are not available. However, it was reported that in 1938/39 had failed to score “his usual century”. It is likely that this previous century was in 1933/34. He was also the first Club member to exceed 1000 runs in the VJCA. 
Maurice Collins passed 100 wickets in the VJCA.
Jim Horan (89 runs), Jack Dynon (87) and Casey (53) v. unnamed opponents. 

Opening partnership:112 runs - Jack Dynon & Jim Horan as part of a 96 minutes’ chase for 188 runs, a chase which fell 5 runs short v. Clifton Hill.
Third wicket record partnership (in 100 minutes): 164 runs - Jack Dynon & Jim Horan v. St. Kilda.
Sixth wicket partnership: 120 runs - Jack Dynon & Jim Horan v. Lands Department.
Eighth wicket partnership: 48 runs - Frank Higginbotham & Jack Casey v. YMCA.

The School was played twice with honours shared.
A social match was played in Ballarat v. the St. Patrick’s XI and a trip was being arranged to play the Naval Depot at Flinders.

Maurice Collins resumed the captaincy (for his ninth season). 
Jack Dynon, last season’s captain, played the first game but went on to play at Melbourne University before heading to Oxford University.
The VJCA re-vamped itself into zones to cut down travel and different and, as expected, stronger opponents were faced. A significant fall in attendances at practice and drop in punctuality at some matches were reported in the 1936 “Xaverian”. The Club finished second last of 10 teams, with 3 wins from 12 games.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Jim Harbison won both the batting and bowling averages although he might have conceded the batting award to John Gooden (206 runs @ 41.2) if Gooden had played sufficient games to qualify for that honour. Kevin Crosbie ran a narrow second in the bowling averages. 

Jim Harbison: 89 runs v. Richmond City.
Maurice Collins: 7/31 (including 3 wickets in 4 balls) and 5/110 v. Carnegie (in an outright loss to the eventual premiers after leading on the first innings). 
Dick Carroll passed 1000 runs for the Club (1032 runs @ 10.11)

Four social matches were played, including a one run win against a Korumburra side organized by Frank McLoughlin (a side which included a former interstate player, “Bert” Lansdowne ) and a game against the Naval Depot at Flinders, an event repeated in the 1970s.

At the end of its first decade, the Club recorded 127 matches for 52 wins, 62 losses. 12 draws and 1 tie.

Maurice Collins retired at the end of the season. He reached a total of 1717 runs @ 15.75, and, 193 wickets @ 14.9 over all seasons. 

Jim Harbison did not return to the Club for the next season but, before leaving the Club, he took his wickets’ tally for his two seasons to 82 @ 10.00. Over the same period, he scored 350 runs @ 17.14.

Captain: Dick Carroll.
Dick was elected to captain the side following the departure of Maurice Collins. As well as Collins and Harbison, Harold Mortensen and all-rounders, Bill McCormack and Con McMahon were missing from the previous season and John Gooden was also absent for most of the season.

The Club finished sixth on the VJCA ladder with 4 wins, 6 losses and a draw. A revival of club interest and fortunes were attributed largely to the Captain, whose services were to be lost for some time due to a work transfer. His Club statistics to 1037 was 1367 runs (with 3 centuries) @ 19.81 and 67 wickets @ 23.06.

Kevin Crosbie also passed 100 wickets for the Club (119 @ 13.4), joining Harold Mortensen, Jim Horan and Maurice Collins with their like achievements. Frank Higginbotham improved his run aggregate to 1797 runs @ 24.28.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Bob Willis. 
Bowling: Pat Costello. 
Both were first year players. Other recruits to show promise were John Ryan and Lal McLennan.
The School defeated the Club by 13 runs.

By the end of the year, the Club record extended to 140 matches for 56 wins, 70 losses. 13 draws and 1 tie.

Captain: Dr. Allan Keane, former Captain of Xavier.
Trophies were donated by Dr. Sam Marron (Batting) and Mr. Larkins (Bowling).

The Club finished lowly eleventh out of 14 teams after the loss of further players [e.g. Dick Carroll (last year’s captain was moved to Geelong), Bob Willis (to Brisbane) and retirees Jim Horan, Pat Hoppe, Jack Casey, John Ryan and Allan Shea]. It was hoped that the infusion of new blood would bring the Club closer to the Final Four.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Frank Higginbotham (He increased his aggregate to 2109 runs @ 24.52). Joe Kelly (runner-up).
Bowling: Joe Kelly
Kevin Crosbie (the runner-up, for the fourth time, increased his wicket tally to 158.) 
Joe Kelly was congratulated “on his success with the Footscray League Team as coach this season”. He had previously played on the wing for Carlton Joe would coach the amateur team in the display match of Australian Rules football at the 1956 Olympic Games. He was the first Old Xaverian to coach the VAFA and Australian Amateurs squads. 
At Xavier, Joe was a member of the first Xavier XI to become the Public Schools’ champions.

Another century to Frank Higginbotham (“his usual century” and “the highest of the season”). 
The Club defeated Kilmore (Dr. Keane’s old team) in a social match.

Captain: Joe Kelly.
Under the new Captain, the Club rose to fifth. This was assisted by the return of a number of formerly retired players including Maurice Collins (whose Club tally exceeded 2000 runs), Dick Carroll, Brendan O’Halloran, Dick Willis and, when available, Bob Willis and Vern Sheahan. However, Arthur Monks, John Hurley and Des Sheahan started with the Club.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting:Lal McLennan (566 runs @ 37.88)
Joe Kelly (a close runner-up for the second year in a row).
Dr, Keane (257 runs @ 25.70).
Bowling: Lal McLennan (66 wickets - average not available).
Joe Kelly (a close runner-up for the second year in a row) 
Joe Kelly’s batting and bowling figures are not available).

Lal McLennan: 6/71 and 172 not out in the Club’s defeat of Box Hill in the opening round. This was reported as the highest OXCC score to that time and also the highest individual score in the VJCA Turf competition since its foundation in 1930. 
Lal also took the last 2 wickets with successive balls in a one run victory over Spotswood.
Adding to his 198 wickets, Maurice Collins passed 2000 runs for the Club.

Seventh wicket partnership: 71 runs - Allan Keane & Pat Costello v. Alphington, Eighth wicket record partnership: 68 runs - Allan Keane & Arthur Monks v. Alphington.
Tenth wicket record partnership: 53 runs ­ Joe Kelly & Kevin Crosbie v. Melbourne District.

Frank Higginbotham failed to score a century but achieved the first OXCC hat-trick. His run tally rose to 2438. 
A return match was played against a Kilmore team (Dr. Keane’s old team).

By the end of the year, the Club record extended to 153 matches for 64 wins, 75 losses, 13 draws and 1 tie.

Military service: Arthur Monks (serving abroad with the A.I.F.).
Captain: Dr. Allan Keane. 
John Dynon returned from Oxford University. Dr. John Gooden left to join Wagga Base Hospital. 
Maurice Collins, Brendan O’Halloran and Joe Kelly also ceased to play for the Club.

The Club finished sixth of ten teams in the Southern Section VJCA Turf Competition, winning 4 and losing 6 matches.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Lal McLennan (441 runs @ 25.9)
Other batting: Dick Buxton, twice not out (183 runs @ 26.1) 
Dr. Allan Keane (15.2).
Bowling: Lal McLennan 48 wickets @ 12.5 (“one of the best slow bowlers in the VJCA and but for lack of support in the field, he would have finished with even better figurs”)
Other bowling: Dr. Keane (12 wickets @ 14.5) Keith Mustow (16 @ 17.6) John Molomby (32 @ 18.1).

Social games were played against the School and the Kilmore “town team”. The Club defeated the School by 2 runs, 158 to 156 (with Lal McLennan 58 runs & 5/57). It defeated the Kilmore team 196 runs to 104. Lal retired on 76 runs.


The Second World War Years and the 1940s 

Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted in this decade 
John Bourke, Greg Burns, Don Collins (wicket-keeper), J.J. Cooke, Dr, F. Costigan, K. Cussen, Alan Dwyer (President of the OXFC 1963 to 1965, made a Life Member of the OXFC in 1968), J. Hoppe, Peter Jorgensen, M. Keleher, John Kelly, Ken Kelly, E. Keogh, Bruce Laird, Gordon Laird (Captain of the OXFC 1952 & 1953), Robin McCooey (President of the OXFC 1954 to 1958), Murray McKenzie, Bernard Mahoney. John Mornane, John Minnis, B. Buller Murphy, Keith Mustow, F.X. O’Halloran, Mick Peppard, Peter Peppard (Captain of the OXFC 1947, President of the OXFC 1951 to 1953). Dr. Dave Quin, John Rice, Frank Smyth, Leo Starr (retired after 1953/54 season to become the Club’s official and best umpire), Bill Stutt, John Watson, Eric Woods, Lou Zachariah (on occasions President, Secretary, baggage man as well as all-rounder for the Club; also engaged in various capacities for the OXFC, including its President from 1959 to 1962, the latter a “B” Grade premiership year resulting in the OXFC’s elevation to “A” Grade in the VAFA. He also became the Old Boys’ first President of the VAFA in the early 1970s and a Life Member of the VAFA in 1967. He was made a Life Member of the OXFC in 1968 and the OXCC in 1974.

Captain: Allan Keane.

Lal McLennan graduated from his medical studies. He became the resident at Horsham Hospital and later went on to military service.

Military service:
Kevin Crosbie training with the A.I.F. Dick Buxton and John Dynon joined the Militia.
Reg Foley stationed with the R.A.A.F. at Laverton.

The Club’s Annual Report to “The Xaverian” 1940 noted:
“The Club has decided to make every effort to keep going during the war years because it feels that it is rendering a very useful service to the School in keeping as many Old Boys in close touch with their Alma Mater. In recent years great disappointment has been felt at the lack of enthusiasm of the Younger Old Boys towards the activities of the OXCC., but strenuous attempts are being made at the present time to remedy this state of affairs”.

Despite the war time difficulties, recruiting efforts were made which included the arrivals of Alan Dwyer (a useful left-hand bowler until his retirement from playing after the 1953/54 season) and John Mornane, self confessed bowler of googlies. Also, Brendan O’Halloran returned to the fold.

In the last game, the Club defeated the eventual premiers, Myrall, despite fielding only eight players. Alan Dwyer (4/30) and Dr. Allan Keane (3/48) were the wicket takers.(Query: Is this match the genesis of the legend of Alan and one other player alone starting the game, one bowling and one in the slips, and holding out until support arrived?). The Club finished fifth with 4 wins and 5 losses.

Brendan O’Halloran: 58 runs v. Elsternwick (first meeting).
R.(Dick or Bob?) Willis: 64 runs v. Black Rock.
R.(Dick or Bob?) Willis: 77 runs & Frank Higginbotham 53 runs in the second game. v. Elsternwick 
Keith Mustow: 5/50 v. Elsternwick.
Alan Dwyer: 5/36 v. Darling. 
Keith Mustow: 6/35 v. Brighton (1st innings). 
Alan Dwyer: 6/22 v. Brighton (2nd Innings). 
Kevin Crosbie: 5/43 v. Hampton.

Bowling partners:
Kevin Crosbie (4/35) & Brendan O’Halloran (3/25) v. Elsternwick.
John Molomby (4/34), Keith Mustow (2/14) & Alan Dwyer (3/23) v. Myrall (first meeting).
Keith Mustow (3/17) & Alan Dwyer (5/36) v. Darling.
Keith Mustow (6/35) & Joe Kelly (3/59) v. Brighton.
Keith Mustow (3/32), Alan Dwyer (3/26) & Kevin Crosbie (2/11) v. Black Rock.
Keith Mustow (3/49), John Molomby (3/36) & Alan Dwyer (3/51) v. Box Hill.
Alan Dwyer (4/30) & Allan Keane (3/48) v. Myrall (second meeting).

“The Xaverian” 1941 reported:
“Keith Mustow (fast), and Alan Dwyer (left hand medium), bowled exceptionally well in every match and each took over 30 wickets at a cost of less than ten runs a piece”. 
The Club defeated the School 95 (Alan Dwyer 7/35) to 108.


Military service:
The Club was advised of the death of Jack Drake whilst serving with the A.I.F. abroad. He was vice captain of the OXFC in 1935.

Dr.Lal McLennan, Arthur Monks, Doug Buxton and Kevin Crosbie - abroad with the A.I.F. 
Bill Stutt, Keith Mustow and Reg Foley (R.A.A.F.) and Alan Dwyer (Militia/24 Battalion A.I.F. serving for 4 years in New Guinea).

Brendan O’Halloran 6/24 and 91 runs in a losing team v. Newport.
Bowling partners: John Bourke (4/80) & Brendan O’Halloran (3/38) v. Seddon.

1942/43 to 1944/45 IN RECESS

The next Club report in “The Xaverian” occurred in the 1946 edition. For the 1945/46 season, it reported that the Club had been the guests of a former player, Vern Sheahan, at his country property at Glenmore. 

In the 1947 edition, the Club was congratulated for its reformation after being in recess during the war. 

1946/47 Return to the MCC Club XI Competition
Fortunately, the School was able to make the School oval available. Two other teams could not do so and they were rejected by the organizers.
The first game back in the Club Elevens was against Hawthorn-East Melbourne at Wattle Park.

Captain: Dr. Frank Costigan.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Dr. Frank Costigan.
Don Collins, a first year player, ran a close second in the batting averages Bowling: John Rice (also a first year player) 

Dr. Frank Costigan: an innings of 161 runs (in 100 minutes) v. Roger Moss’ MCC.
Tenth wicket record partnership: 124 runs - Dr. Frank Costigan & Murray. McKenzie. 

Dick Carroll increased his tally of runs to 2028, placing him second (behind Frank Higginbotham).
Kevin Crosbie reached 198 wickets to equal the record held by Maurice Collins.

It was noted in the 1947 edition of “The Xaverian” that over the past 21 years, 146 members had represented the Club in 196 matches being 78 wins, 102 losses, 15 draws and 1 tie. 

There was a risk that the MCC Club XI would not proceed as the MCC was unable to find enough grounds for its own teams. However, the situation was saved when the School made its ground available to the MCC teams when the OXCC was playing away fixtures.

The Club finished in third place. No opposition team scored 200 runs, the team suffered no batting collapses and was said to be well balanced in batting and bowling, neither a brilliant team nor a one-man team.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Peter Peppard (269 runs @ 38.4)
Bowling: Ken Kelly (Ave. 9.3)

Ken Kelly: 6/20 and 5/24.
R. Batten: 6/20.
Peter Peppard: 72 runs in 35 minutes.
Kevin Crosbie became the first member to pass 200 wickets for the Club.


Captain: Ken Kelly.

The competition: 3 MCC teams, Hawthorn-East Melbourne, Old Scotch, OXCC and OMs (the eventual premiers).
3 wins, 5 losses and 2 draws. Details of the matches are included in the 1950 edition of “The Xaverian”.

John Billings: 5/53 v. Old Scotch. 
John Kelly: 53 runs v. Hawthorn-East Melbourne.
Bruce Laird: 53 runs (his brother, Gordon, 28 runs also) v. Old Wesley.

Bowling partners
Peter Jorgensen (3/12), Alan Dwyer (3/17) & Gordon Laird (2/8) v. OMs. This game was won on the first innings but, although chasing 112 to win outright, the batting in the Club’s second innings collapsed to 9/65 at stumps, thus avoiding an outright loss. The OMs were the Premiers this season.


Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted in this decade 
Peter Benson, Henry Burger (Dux of Xavier in 1950), Jack Callander, Tony Capes (closely associated with the Footscray Football Club), Bill Carroll (Coach of the OXFC Reserves for several years to 1966 adding 2 premierships in 3 seasons to his resume, OXFC President 1968 to 1969 & 1985), John Corby, Kevin Cosgrave, Peter Cosgrave (brother of Hawthorn District cricket batsman, Jim Cosgrave), Bill Dixon, John Doyle, Phil Francis, G. Gaynor, Nat Keeshan (former Prahran batsman), Michael Kelly, “Caz” Keogh/Tom Keogh, Kevin King, John Lambert, Barry Larkin, Allan McLean (left for District ranks in 1952/53 but returned to captain the side in 1954/55), Michael Meagher (who began with the Club in 1955/56 whilst still captain of the School under 16 side), Jim Menadue (fast bowler from District ranks), John Niall, Bob O’Brien, Barry O’Callaghan, Joe Pilkington, Noel Porter, John Quin (wicket keeper), Peter Rhoden (Member of School XVII premiers 1955, OXFC player, OXFC coach for 7 seasons from 1962 to 1968 and also coached the VAFA interstate squad), Mark Roberts (wicket-keeper from Tasmania), Brian Russell, Don “Old Duck” Sanders (left for District ranks in 1952/53), John Sanders, Adrian Schrader (son of H.), Heine Schrader, Neville Schrader, John Sutton, Geoff Woods.

“The Xaverian” 1951 simply reported that the Club “did well”.

“The Xaverian” 1952 reported that “the season was a successful and enjoyable one, but there is an urgent need for new players”

Captain: Leo Starr

“The Xaverian” 1953 reported that the Club “enjoyed a successful season … (and) that a number of younger Old Xaverians have joined their ranks”. In “Laurels”, it was reported that the team had won 3 games but suffered 6 losses, apparently with some small margins, which gave some satisfaction but not points in the competition. 

Captain: Leo Starr

“The Xaverian” 1954 reported that the Club “had a most successful year to finish third in the MCC Club Competition”. It failed to qualify for the final despite a late run, winning 4 of the last five games. The top two teams, OMs and Old Wesley, played off for the premiership, the OMs winning by 4 runs.

Back to Xavier Day included 4 cricket matches, e.g. Jesuits v. The Over Forties, a team which included Brigadier Tom Daly.

Captain: Alan McLean.

The captain reported to “Laurels” that this was a disappointing season with only 2 wins but was of no doubt beneficial to the host of new players.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Adrian Schrader 
Bowling: Jack Sutton, the season’s top wicket taker.

Alan McLean: scores of 64 and 63 runs.
Don Collins 60 runs - Adrian Schrader 76 runs - John Quin 62 runs. 
Lou Zachariah: 7/45 and top score of 36 runs in one game. 

Captain: Alan McLean.

Further new faces appeared this season. However, the promise of a good season following the newcomers of the past and present season did not eventuate. The Club again only managed 2 wins but most games were close. The most improved player was the opening batsman Noel Porter but other new players also acquitted themselves ably. At this time, Bill Carroll was credited as an opening bowler but would in the next decade be seen as a tall off spinner.

Averages/Aggregates (if known):
Bowling: “Lou Zachariah (Vice-Captain) - opening bowler and chief wicket taker for the team. Secretary and baggage-man” (per “Laurels” No. 56).

Alan McLean: 72 runs (top score of the season),

A good season ­ won about half the games played.

The Club lost a number of regular players for a variety of reasons. and made an urgent plea for recruits.



According to “Laurels”, it was “a moderately successful and enjoyable season”. The Club won 5 wins, 3 losses and drew 1 game.

Averages/aggregates (if known)
Best all rounder: Peter Rhoden (‘googlies’ and steady batting).

Bill Carroll: a hat trick (all bowled) v. University.
Lou Zachariah: 6/7 v. St. Kilda Club XI (all out for 25 runs)
Alan McLean: 78 runs. 
John Sanders, Bill Carroll and Lou Zachariah: each an innings of more than 50 runs.
The Club gave special thanks to the Rector, Father Keenan, for allowing the use of the swimming pool after matches during the hot summer.


Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted this decade

Steve Bell, John Bendall, Leon Bendall, Leo Borghesi (wicket-keeper), C. Boulter, P. Brosnan, P. Bruckner, David & John Burnes (John was President of the OXFC 1966 and 1967 and brother David also had that role from 1979 to 1981 when the first “A” Grade flag was won. David also went on to the highest position in the VAFA), John Corby, John Cosgrave, John Curtain, Paul (?) Dean, F. Doherty, M. Doherty, Jim Dwyer (Premiership player 1984/85), Laurie Dwyer (older brother of “Jimmy the dog” and son of Alan Dwyer), Paul (?) Dwyer, Gerald Fitzgerald, Bill Flynn, D. Forbes, Peter Fraser (ex-University), Bede Gibson, Greg Gibson, Neville Gibson, Trevor Gowers (Richmond footballer and Captain of the OXFC 1969 to 1973), Geoff Harris, Peter D Howard (Captain of Xavier XI in 1954), Alan Johnston, J. Keating, Peter L’Estrange, Gerry Maher, (?) Melick, Murray Laming (recruited from District cricket ranks in 1961/62), Brian “Fish” Lugar (wicket-keeper, President OXFC 1974 and 1975), Bob McHale, (?) Mainwaring, Dr. Jack “The Rat Doctor” Martin, Mick Mulcahy (Captain of the OXFC 1966 to 1968, its B&F 1965 & 1966 and VAFA “A” Grade Best & Fairest in 1966), Ken Mullins, Peter Quin, Peter Raffaele, Tim Reidy, Peter Ryan, Bruno Sinico (donated a bat to the Club), Julian Serong, Peter Slattery, Dr. Peter Stanley, David Stoney, Ian Stoney, Paul Sullivan, F. Webb, Simon Williams, Alan Woodley (Hawthorn FC Premiership player, OXFC coach 1970 & 1971), David Woodruff, Gavan Woodruff, John Zachariah (Premiership player 1984/85, 86/87 & 89/90), Paul Zachariah.

W. “Tank” Seabrook and Richard “Hiram” or “Hooter” Harridence (stalwarts of the tours of Tasmania, the latter after whom the “Hooter” award was named).

A team photograph of circa 1962 appears on the Club website. The players shown are, starting from the back row left to right (* Life Members):
John Curtain, Alan McLean*, Alan Dwyer (president), Bill Flynn, Paul Sullivan, John Corby and Peter Slattery, and, John Bendall, Mark Roberts*, Peter Rhoden (captain), Joey Pilkington and Lou Zachariah*.

At the beginning of this decade, the Club instituted an annual match against Launceston Grammar old boys through the services of Brendan Lyons, John Martin and David Gunn at the Tasmanian end and Lou Zachariah and Don Sanders for the Club. Although Brendan represented the O.Ls, he was an old Xavier boy, and, was the Secretary and one of the founders of the Tasmanian Branch of the O.X.A. from its formation in 1958. These matches would be played with the clubs hosting the event in alternative years on each states Labor Day for more than 20 years until among other things a run of successful years for the Club made it difficult to fit the tours in to the program due to potential conflict with final’s appearances. A one-off re-union with 2 games played took place in Launceston in October 2001.

Opposition players from 1960s ­ 1980s
The opposition has included many former District cricketers (and some former interstate representatives) and sportsmen who abandoned higher levels for business, family reasons or practice- time restraints. A report along these lines was provided by Don Sanders in the 1963 edition of “The Xaverian”, possibly due to the absence of reports on the Club’s activities in “The Xaverian” since 1954. An invitation was made for new players.

Some examples of sportsmen from higher levels in this era are Neale and John Fraser, Tony Ryan (son of Gerald Ryan, Xavier 1920 - Tony was a Victorian hardcourt tennis champion for some years. He scored 3 consecutive centuries for MCC “A”), “Typhoon” Tyson (England Test player), George Thom (ex-Australian player), Cyril Smith (ex-Queensland. fast bowler), Denis and J. & E. Cordner (all together in one match for OM No. 1 against the Club in 1968/69), Neil “Froggy” Crompton, Alan Aylett (ex-Victorian player), Alan Connolly (former Test and Vic. player), John Evans, Charlie Fildes, Lindsay Kline (Australian Test player), Ian “Liberty” Law (Hawthorn-East Melbourne cricketer and Hawthorn League footballer), Ross Oakley, Graham Whitford, and Dr. Ian McDonald (former Vic. player) played from time to time. Ian and his brother, Colin McDonald (Australian Test opening batsman), went on to play many years in the competition. 

A fifth placed finish.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Don Sanders (40).
Bowling: Peter Rhoden (28 @ 9.7).
Other bowling: Bill Carroll (13 @ 10) & Lou Zachariah (21 @ 13). 

At the beginning of 1961, the OXA instituted awards for its affiliated clubs and the trophies went to the Best Club men at the OXCC and OXFC, being Lou Zachariah and Peter Rhoden respectively.

The highest opposition score was the 163 runs by MCC “A”, a tribute to the great job done by the bowlers in a competition including many former District cricketers.
Outright wins were effected v. MCC “C” & Old Caulfield. The Club’s highest total of the season, 3/167, was scored in the Old Caulfield game.

The Club had a comfortable win over the OLs in Launceston, 153 to 91 runs with Peter Rhoden’s contribution being 4/23 and 30 runs plus Mark Roberts (28 runs) and Lou Zachariah (4/26). The OLs batted a second time for 8/103 (Brian Smith 53). This was reported to be the first time any OXA team had played interstate.

Captain: Peter Rhoden..
This did not prove to be a good season for the Club as there were problems getting sufficient numbers to turn out. There was some improvement in this regard later in the season and the Club finished sixth. Old Wesley won the title.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Peter Rhoden (21).
Bowling: Bill Carroll (48 @ 9.2).
Other bowling: Peter Rhoden took over 30 wickets.

Lou Zachariah (5/70) & Ian Stoney (44 runs) v. Old Scotch.
Bill Carroll: 45 runs v. OMs (whilst in the midst of final year law exams). 
Hat tricks by Peter Rhoden and Greg Gibson (reported as Greg’s second).
OLs were defeated in a close game with Leon Bendall making the breakthrough by taking three quick wickets. Jack Maddox, a St. Kilda District cricketer, represented the OLs and top scored for them with 49 runs.

Bill Carroll and Peter Slattery were awarded the OXA trophies as the OXCC’s and OXFC’s Best Club men respectively.

Captain: Peter Rhoden.
The competition: 3 MCC teams (“A”, “C” and a Colts XI), club teams from St. Kilda and University, and school old boy teams from Caulfield Grammar, Melbourne Grammar, Trinity Grammar, Scotch College and Wesley College.

Members of the OXCC included an ex-Carlton C. C. player, Murray Laming. The side had its worst season. It finished last - one win, almost an outright win v. St. Kilda. 

For the first time, the Club lost the game against the OLs, 170 to 139, despite Greg Gibson’s 8/78, Peter Rhoden’s 2/43 and 45 runs by Geoff Harris (including a 49 run last wicket partnership with Tank Seabrook, 9 not out). Due to rain, the game was played on a concrete wicket.

Murray Laming: 143 not out v. MCC “C”. This innings rescued the side from 6/31 to 8/240 declared. He also had two scores over 90 runs v. MCC “A” & Old Melburnians No. 2 side (“OM 2s”).
Lou Zachariah: 6/63 v. MCC “C”.

Captain: Murray Laming.
This season commenced with greater promise than the last with a win over OM 2s. However, there were only 3 more wins for the season with 6 losses and a draw. The losses were all by less than 30 runs. New players this season included Jack Martin, Ken Mullins and Peter D. Howard.
Averages/Aggregates (if known):
Batting: Alan McLean.
Bowling: Bill Carroll.
Fielding: Peter Rhoden - “taking at least one catch in every game” (per “Laurels” No. 82).

Greg Gibson: 70 runs v. Old Scotch.
Jack Martin: 55 runs v. MCC Colts.
John Cosgrave: 6/22 v. OM 2s, &, 5/62 v. Old Scotch.
Bill Carroll: 6/22 v. Old Caulfield Grammarians & 5/30 v. MCC Colts.
Bowling partners: Bill Carroll (6/18) & Peter Rhoden’s combined total of 8/20 in the outright win v. St. Kilda. Alan McLean scored 53 runs in the second innings of the same game.
Alan McLean (80 runs) & John Cosgrave (5/52) v. Old Wesley.
OLs were defeated on a heavily rain affected wicket at Xavier (not the main oval - 145 runs (Alan McLean 53 runs) to 88 runs (Lou Zachariah 5/30 & Bill Carroll 4/34).
Lou Zachariah and Don Sanders were made honorary members of the OLs for the parts they played with Brendan Lyons in setting up the annual match.

Captain: Murray Laming.
The team made it to the finals for the first time. 
The team made a successful start to the season with 3 outright wins over Old Camberwell Grammarians, MCC “C” and Old Scotch No.2 side (“OS2”) but 2 first innings losses followed. 
The game against the “Cs” commenced with a first innings defeat by one run and the “Cs” needing only 102 to win outright in about 100 minutes. After reaching 5/85, the Club’s bowlers prevailed to dismiss the “Cs” for 92 runs. 

The victory against OS2s was reached when the team chased down 118 runs in less than 58 minutes for the loss of 4 wickets. 
The next game, against Old Trinity (“OT”), was also won outright. 
This placed the team second at Christmas but after the break the team suffered 2 losses, However, the next 3 games were won, including another outright win against MCC Colts with Lou Zachariah taking 12 wickets.

The semi-final game
The team played the higher placed University Club XI in the semi-final. The opposition, who only needed to finish with a draw to proceed to the Grand Final, fielded a very strong side which included Frank “Typhoon” Tyson of English Test fame, George Thoms (ex-Australian player) and Alan Aylett (ex-Victorian cricketer and League footballer). University won the toss, batted first, reached 7/256 at stumps and batted on for the first 30 minutes of the second day as allowed, leaving insufficient time for the OXCC to reach the needed victory target. 
University went on to win the title.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Alan McLean.
Bowling: Lou Zachariah.
Don Sanders was awarded the OXA trophy as the OXCC’s Best Club man..

A player new to the Club this season was Brian Lugar who for several years kept wickets for Essendon in District cricket. He was to give the team confidence behind the stumps and made stumpings standing up to the medium pace bowling of Lou Zachariah.
Alan McLean: 63 runs v. MCC “C” & 2 unbeaten hands of 62 runs v. St. Kilda, &, 80 runs v. Colts.
Paul Sullivan: 75 runs v. Old Caulfield Grammarians.
Peter Rhoden: 5/56 v. Old Scotch No.1 side, &, 5/35 v. “Cs”.
Bill Carroll: 6/44 v. “Cs”, &, 5/23 v. OT.
Lou Zachariah: 7/14 v. OS2s, &, 5/32 and 7/31 v. Colts.

A “fine century” by Leo Borghesi (107 runs) and the 5/40 by Peter Rhoden helped the Club defeat the OLs in Launceston. In the OLs history, it is recorded that the team had slumped to 4/7 in its run chase after the 119 runs scored by the OLs before Leo came to the crease and then 5/9 until he was joined by John Burnes (24 runs). They took the score to 6/142. Leo and the tail (who all scored 20 or more) took the score to 229 all out. 

Captain: Murray Laming.
The Club finished fourth but required an outright win in the last round to reach the final four. Unfortunately, it had to face the strong University side again in the semi-final. The Club was without 3 of its regular players and was defeated although University lost 7 wickets in passing the score of190 all out scored by the Club.

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Peter Rhoden was given a special mention in “Laurels” for scoring and/or taking wickets in most matches.
Bowling trophy: Lou Zachariah.

Tim Reidy 6/22 & Peter Rhoden 5/17 in an outright win v. Old Trinity (“OT”). Murray Laming: 62 not out v. OT.
Peter Howard: 53 not out v. Old Scotch No.1 side.
Peter Rhoden (71 not out & 6/41) & Peter Howard (53) v. Old Caulfield Grammarians. Peter Rhoden: 5/36 v. Colts, &, 5/16 v. MCC “A”.
Lou Zachariah: 5/22 v. Old Melburnians No.1 side.

Bowling partners: 
Lou Zachariah (5/23 & 5/5, including a hat trick) & Paul Sullivan (4/7) in dismissing the MCC “C” for 15 runs in their second innings. The game was won outright (MCC “C” 59 & 15 v. OXCC 8/118). 
Lou Zachariah 5/30 & Peter Rhoden 5/35 & 6/88 v. Old Scotch No.1 side. Greg Gibson scored 104 not out as part of an outright victory.

OT were defeated outright in a one day game. An outright victory was also achieved off the fifth ball of the last over against the Colts in a two day game.

The OLs were defeated in Melbourne, 6/188 to 88, with Gavan Woodruff 82 not out whilst Bill Carroll took 7/9 from 6 overs. Jack Maddox (26 runs) again appeared for the visiting team.
The Club also won a game against the Commonwealth Bank.

Captain: Murray Laming.
An absence of new blood and the loss or unavailability of performers from the previous seasons (injuries, university examinations and holidays) witnessed a plunge in the Club’s fortunes from a finalist for two seasons to a side recording four wins only despite the bowlers restricting all opponents to scores of less than 200 runs. In issue No.92 of “Laurels”, Bill Carroll took the opportunity to indicate that a number of old boys of Xavier were playing at higher levels. Some notable examples of their number given were: Peter Williams - Captain of Richmond XI and captained the Victorian Second XI against NSW.
Jim Cosgrave - Veteran Opening batsman for Hawthorn-East Melbourne (“HEM”). Brian Jones - also playing for HEM.
Mick Mulcahy - consistent Opening batsman for St. Kilda.
David Cotter - rose from the St. Kilda Thirds to its Firsts before Christmas.

The Club also conceded the “Tasmanian Ashes” (157 to 94) in an away game to the OLs, possibly (or probably) from too much enjoyment of the hospitality of their OL hosts as well as the 5/45 taken by Brian Smith. The OXCC’s wicket-takers were Murray (5), Lou Zachariah (3) and Gavan Woodruff (2).

Several players, including two of the Club’s most experienced and decorated players, Murray Laming and Brian Lugar, missed the first half of this season. Nevertheless, the Club had a satisfactory season though it missed the finals. It won 7 games and lost 7 games, two narrowly.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Gavan Woodruff.
Bowling: Bill Carroll, well supported by other bowlers, Peter Rhoden, Gavan Woodruff and Lou Zachariah.

Gavan Woodruff: two centuries and a score in the 90s.
Peter Stanley: one century.
Greg Gibson: a score in the 90s.

In the OLs match, the Club lost for the first time on home soil despite Gavan Woodruff’s 103 runs out of the team’s score of 8/189 (Brian Smith 4/47). The OLs replied with 6/191 (Jack Maddox 63 runs).

Captain: Brian Lugar.
This season started badly with the loss of the first 4 games played as one day fixtures. These were followed by 2 wins on the first innings and another loss. There was little prospect that the Club would reach the finals and so it turned out with the Club finishing “as a middle-of-the-list team”.

Trevor Gowers: 5/44 (13 overs) v. Old Trinity.
Gavan Woodruff: 5/44 (12 overs) v. Old Scotch.
Lou Zachariah: 5/46 (12.1 overs) v. Old Scotch.
John Zachariah: 8/28 (from 9 overs) with Peter Rhoden taking the first 2 wickets in the game v. Old Caulfield Grammarians.
Peter Rhoden: 61 runs v. Old Caulfield Grammarians.
Jack Martin 75 runs & Greg Gibson 56 runs v. Old Camberwell.
Greg Gibson: 54 runs v. Old Wesley.
Simon Williams: 50 runs v. University.
Simon Williams, a score of 40 runs (opponents not named).
Paul Sullivan: 40 runs v. MCC “A”,.
Alan McLean: a score of 55 runs v. Old Scotch..

Bowling partners: 
Bill Carroll (4/55), Gavan Woodruff (3/39) & Lou Zachariah (2/35) v. University, Trevor Gowers (5/44) & Peter Rhoden (3/26) v. Old Trinity.
Lou Zachariah (5/46) & Gavan Woodruff (5/44,) v. Old Scotch. 
Gavan Woodruff (4/70) & Bill Carroll (4/101) v. Old Wesley.
Paul Sullivan (4/59) & Lou Zachariah (3/52) v. Old Melburnians No. 1 side.
. The annual social match away to OLs was lost 116 to 112 (Lou Zachariah 6/42 & Gavan Woodruff 3/58). A future OXCC player, Brian Smith, again featured by top scoring with 57 not out for the OLs. This loss brought the win/loss ratio to OXCC 5 and OLs 4.

Captain: Greg Gibson.
Brian Lugar was unable to lead again this year due to a severely fractured leg suffered in a car accident in the off season.
The season commenced with 3 wins and 3 losses. Hopes for a place in the finals were denied by an outright loss to MCC “C”. 

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: Peter D. Howard (294 @ 32.66, excl. 79 not out v. OLs).
Other batting: Peter Rhoden: 279 @ 31.00 (excl. 41 runs v. OLs).
Bowling: Bill Carroll:18 @ 12.22 (excl, 1/22 v. OLs).
Most wickets: Lou Zachariah: 31 @ 18.32 (excl. OL’s game).

Peter Rhoden: 104 not out, with partnerships of 96 and 94 with Peter D. Howard (56) and P. Bruckner (30 not our) respectively v. Old Scotch 2s.
Peter D. Howard: (59 not out) v. Old Camberwell.
Greg Gibson (47 runs), Peter D. Howard (51) & Peter Rhoden (63) v. MCC “A”.
Gavan Woodruff (50 runs) & Peter Stanley (41 runs) v. Old Scotch.
Peter Rhoden: (40 runs out of the team score of 85 all out) v. MCC “C”.
Bill Carroll: 7/32 (12 overs) v. MCC “B”
Lou Zachariah: 6/29 (9.5 overs) v. OM No. 1. 
Trevor Gowers: 6/37 (13 overs) v. University
Lou Zachariah: 5/66 (17 overs) v. Old Trinity.

Bowling partners : 
Trevor Gowers (6/37) & Lou Zachariah (3/42) v. University. 
Trevor Gowers (4/39) & Lou Zachariah (6/29) v. OM No. 1.
Bill Carroll (4/32) & Gavan Woodruff (3/41) v. Old Wesley.
Trevor Gowers (3/46), Bill Carroll (3/19) & Gavan Woodruff (3/14) v. Old Camberwell.
Lou Zachariah (5/66) & John Zachariah (3/54) v. Old Trinity.
Lou Zachariah (4/84) & John Zachariah (4/22) v. OM No. 2 & an unbeaten last wicket partnership to avoid outright defeat.

The Club defeated the OLs 185 (Peter D. Howard 79 not out & Peter Rhoden 41 runs) to 141 (Gavan Woodruff 3/33 & John Zachariah 3/9 including three wickets and a dropped catch in four balls). Brian Smith was again the star player for the opposition, snaring 4/76 and 53 runs.


Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted this decade 
K. Anderson, Jim Barber, John Barrett, Paul Bendall (Premiership player 1984/85), Malcolm Blight, Anthony Borghesi (wicket-keeper), Ed Borghesi (wicket-keeper, Premiership player 1984/85, 86/87 & 89/90), Kevin Breheny, Paul Briglia, Peter Burgess, John Curtain, Hugo Dillon, Brendan “Bugs” Ellis, Pat Fennelly, Kevin Fisher, Roger Franich, Nigel Hack (an Old Launcestonian in Melbourne for the annual match), Justin Healey, Gerald Heaslip, Tony Heffernan, Mark Hennessy, Doug Howard, Peter “Rolly” Howard, Tim Houston, John and Mick Keaney, Kevin and Paul Lally, Frank McGrath, Chris Metzner, P. Millard, Tony Morgan, Mike Nicholls, Jim Nicholson (noted for diving full length forward at square leg to catch a ball deflected from the silly mid-on fielder’s head), John Nicholson, John Noonan, K S & K P O’Shaughnessy, Brendan O’Sullivan, Michael “ Perc” Plunkett, Gerard Sholly, Steve Sinn S.J., Brian Smith, Jim Smith, Nick Vale, Peter Westfield, Brendan Wilding, Marshall Worthington, Graham Yallop (1 game), Paul Yelland, Alan York.

During the 1970s, the Club played various non-competition games against teams such as the Gentlemen of Ballarat at either of Ballarat Grammar School and St. Pats, Ballarat, Old Kilmore Collegians at Kilmore, the Wangaratta & District Cricket Association country week team at Wangaratta, the HMAS Cerberus Cricket Club at HMAS Cerberus, Westernport, the Customs Department (courtesy of Brian Lugar) and a visiting Canadian Cricket Association XI (a large proportion of the British Columbia team originally from the West Indies), the Cricket Club of India (inflicting upon it its second loss out of 24 games played in its tour across Australia in 1976/77) and Pentridge Prison

This season commenced disastrously with a washout and two games affected by ground unavailability. The fourth game was lost to Old Melburnians No.2 side. The next game against MCC “A” was lost on the first innings but the Club was on the way to outright victory with the “As” on 6/80 when chasing 144 when stumps were drawn. The team failed by just 5 runs to defeat outright MCC”C”, the reigning premiers. 

The opening stand of 107 runs was made by Greg Gibson & Jack Martin in the second innings v. MCC “A”.
MCC “C” was dismissed for 58 runs. Chris Collins took 7/33 and Greg Gibson followed this with 58 not out in the team’s total of 112 runs. The “Cs” declared at 8/129, leaving 70 minutes for the team to make 70 runs, a target narrowly missed.

The team lost the OLs 202 to 136 (Top score - Lou Zachariah 35).

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Bowling: Lou Zachariah

Lou Zachariah (7/41) v. Old Wesley 
John Zachariah (7/37) v. OMs.
The OLs leveled the series at 6 games all ­ 123 (Jack Martin 63) to 5/126 (Brian Smith 71 not out, Paul Yelland 4/31).

Captain: Leo Borghesi.
John Zachariah: 5/36 (from 9.7 overs) v. MCC Colts.
The team lost the away game to the OLs, 5/214 to 205, giving the OLs the lead in the series.

Captain: Leo Borghesi.
The results were far from favourable ­ one win and eight losses (one outright but four narrowly, one by 5 runs, one by one wicket and two by two wickets each). The outright loss was suffered when the Club was able to find only 8 players to bat in the first innings and 7 in the second innings in the match against MCC “A”.
The team may have recorded its lowest score in its history to date, all out for 26 runs against Old Wesley (“OW”). This match looked to be headed for an outright loss when OW declared immediately after securing first innings points. However, the tables turned to a point where the Club was able to declare its second innings at 5/102 (Brendan Wilding 46 runs) and then reduced OW to 6/24 (Bill Carroll 3/10 & John Zachariah 3/12) but ran out of time for a win outright.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Peter Fraser (303 @ 27.54). 
Other batting: Brendan Wilding (298 @ 24.83).
Bowling: Bill Carroll (19 @ 12.10).
Other bowling: Alan Woodley (13 @ 19.84), John Zachariah (11 @ 17.27) & Brian Smith (10 @ 16.90). 

Peter Fraser 109 runs, Brendan Wilding 45 runs, Mick Mulcahy 51 runs, & , Gavan Woodruff 4/42 & John Zachariah 3/73 v. Old Scotch No.1 side (a narrow loss - 240 to 9/243).
Brendan Wilding 78 runs & Bill Carroll 4/69 v. Old Camberwell.
The defeat of MCC”B” with Brendan Wilding 71 runs, Alan Woodley (3/58), Brian Smith (3/51) & John Zachariah (2/7).
Peter Fraser 68 runs, Peter Stanley 36 runs & Alan Woodley 8/40 ( in a 5 run loss to Hawthorn-East Melbourne).
Mark Roberts: 52 runs v. St. Kilda.
Brendan Wilding: 46 runs of a team score of 102 runs in the second innings v. OW.
Lou Zachariah: an unbeaten 24 runs of a team score of 48 runs in the first innings of an outright loss to MCC”A”. The Club’s second innings yielded only 56 runs. The low scores were hardly helped by the above mentioned shortage of players
Bowling partners:
Brian Smith (5/67) & Bill Carroll (3/45) v. Old Melburnians No.1 side which fell to 8/142 in passing the Club’s 6/137.

The Club defeated the OLs 9/191 runs to 113. Peter Stanley scored 58 runs & Brendan Wilding 37 runs and 3/20. This again leveled the series.
Graham Yallop scored 52 not out for the Club in a social game against a British Columbian team.

Captain: Leo Borghesi.
Averages/aggregates (if known):
Peter Fraser was the Club’s and competition’s chief run scorer.

On the occasion of the visit to Launceston, the team was given a Civic Reception following a promise by David Gunn that he would grant one if he was elected mayor. Despite the warm reception, the Club proceeded to defeat their hosts, 107 to 7/118, with two former OLs (Brian Smith 58 and Mark Roberts 22) making the bulk of the winning score, including their 66 run partnership for the fifth wicket

At the AGM on 24 September 1974, Life Membership was awarded to Lou Zachariah who was described as early as November, 1955 by Alan McLean (himself subsequently made a Life Member of the Club) in “Laurels” No.55 “Then, once again, ‘the evergreen’, Lou Zachariah will be seen in action. He is the nucleus around which the team functions, as he is, secretary, baggage man, and all rounder!”

The Minutes of a meeting of the Club Committee (John Burnes, Peter Fraser, Leo Borghesi, Bill Carroll and Gavan Woodruff) on 19 November, 1974 included a resolution as to “Match Trophies: Resolved that a trophy be presented to any member of the Club performing any one or more of the following performances in a match during any season of the Club:
a. (a) A bowler who takes seven wickets in an innings or ten in a match.
b. (b) A batsman who scores 100 runs in an innings.
c. (c) The wicket keeper who takes six wickets in an innings or ten in a match.
d. (d) A bowler who takes a hat trick.
Resolved further that this be adopted as a rule of the Club.”
It has not been revealed whether this rule ever came into force or practice!

Captain: Peter Fraser
This was not a successful season although the Club defeated the eventual Grand Finalists in the last two home and away games finishing in tenth place of 14 teams. The Club was looking forward at the end of 1975 to the services of new recruits Gerard Sholly, John Noonan and John Keaney and regaining older hands, both school masters, Brian Smith (Caulfield) and Peter L’Estrange (Xavier) after school examinations.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Gerard Sholly (43.2).
Bowling: Bill Carroll (11.9).

Gerard Sholly: 5 wickets v. Old Camberwell.
Gerard Sholly: 72 runs v. Old Haileybury.
The OLs game was not played due to bad weather, a circumstance which gave birth to a second trophy for these games, “Burmes’ Blunder”. In the interests of efficiency, John Burnes, the Club’s President, had two silver plates engraved, one naming OXCC and the other the OLs as winners. As neither result eventuated, the plates were attached to a new shield. 

The Australian Cricket Society defeated the Club by 5 runs.

Captain: Mick Mulcahy.
Only 2 games won this season v, Hawthorn-East Melbourne (“HEM”) and Old Camberwell. It was also heavily rain affected. The Club played 22 players during the season but had lost the services of Gerard Sholly to Fitzroy firsts and Peter Fraser to the Balwyn sub-district team.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting & Bowling: Brendan Wilding.
Top run scorer: Peter Howard (222 runs).

Peter Stanley 56 runs & Jim Barber 76 runs (9/281 declared) v. HEM (138).
Bowling partners v. HEM: John Zachariah (4 wickets), Gavan Woodruff (3 wickets) & Trevor Gowera (2 wickets).

Steve Sinn: 70 runs v.MCC “A”.
Brendan Wilding: 55 runs v. Old Scotch & 7/41 v. Old Haileybury.

The OLs were defeated on one of the worst weather affected pitches seen in Tasmania. The OLs were dismissed for 58 runs (Brendan Wilding 6/29 & Gerard Sholly 4/27) but it took a six run last wicket stand by Mark Roberts (2 not out) and Lou Zachariah (4 not out) to get the required runs. Bill Carroll top scored with 15.

This season marked the return from Sheffield, U.K. of Dr. Jack Martin, soon to make the front page of “The Age” as the “English Professor” who beat a very fast ton off Max Walker in the latter’s short lived career for Old Caulfield after his move to Packer’s World Series Cricket. Max was subsequently banned by the MCC from competing in the Club XIs.
Despite the bright start by Jack, this may well have been the least successful in the history of the Club with only one win with 8 losses and 2 draws recorded. However, if there is any comfort to be found in it, the highest score against the Club was 205 all out by Old Haileybury.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Brian Smith (175 runs @ 35.00).
Other batting: Peter Stanley (259 runs @ 19.92).
Bowling: John Zachariah (23 @ 13.60).
Other bowling: Brian Smith (24 @ 13.75) & Peter Burgess (21 @ 17.85).
President’s Trophy: Peter Burgess.

Chris Metzner: 5/56 v. Old Haileybury.
Brian Smith: 8/22 v. Old Scotch No.1 side.
Brian Smith: 74 not out v. MCC “C”.
Peter Burgess: 5/60 & 2/67 v. Hawthorn-East Melbourne (“HEM”). 
Peter Stanley (50 runs), Leo Borghesi (32) & Mick Mulcahy (35) v. HEM.
Brian Smith (58 runs) & Peter Stanley: 49 not out v. Old Trinity.
Brendan O’Sullivan (40 runs) & Leo Borghesi (30) v. Old Scotch No.2 side.
Murray Laming (59 runs), Mick Mulcahy (47) & Peter Stanley (31) v. Old Camberwell. 

Bowling partners:
Brian Smith (4/19), John Zachariah (4/35, with 2 stumpings by Peter Stanley) & Chris Metzner (2/63) v. Old Wesley.
Brian Smith (4/49), Peter Burgess (3/29) & John Zachariah (2/27) v. Old Trinity.
Bill Carroll (4/16) & Peter Burgess (4/24) v. OMs.
Peter Burgess (5/60) & Brian Smith (4/49) v. HEM.

The Club defeated the School on the Xavier Family Day in February 1978.

The touring OLs were also defeated 8/ 193 to 156. The Club’s main scorers were Peter Burgess (55 not out), Mick Mulcahy (43), Peter Stanley (34) & Doug Howard (32). On the bowling side, the honours went to Bill Carroll (3/42), John Zachariah (4/57) & Brendan Ellis five tight overs conceding 7 runs.

There was a significant improvement in the Club’s results with 7 wins, 2 losses, a drawn game but 2 washouts. From the low scores in the matches, it appears that the weather may have affected many games or the quicker bowlers were keeping the ball to themselves. Indeed the spin bowlers only delivered 27 overs after the Christmas break whereas Ley and Smith bowled over 60 and 50 overs respectively during the same period. The Club won games with scores as low as 60 all out v. Old Scotch No. 1 side (53 runs), 2/84 v. Old Camberwell (83), 9/91 v. St. Kilda (79) and 6/86 v. OMs,. There was only one high scoring game where in excess of 200 runs was scored by both sides, when the game was drawn when the Club responded to MCC “Cs” score of 3/292 with 9 down for 234 runs. In a washout v. MCC “A”, the Club also reached 232 all out.

The Club finished out of the finals on percentages, with third, fourth and fifth equal on 42 points.

Brendan O’Sullivan 85 not out & 1/52 (19 overs), J. Healey 2/39 & John Zachariah 4/43 (17 overs) in a losing side v. Hawthorn-East Melbourne (“HEM”); 9/179 to 141.
Peter Fraser: 52 runs v. OMs.
Peter Stanley 65 runs, Brian Smith (57) & Mick Mulcahy (35) v. MCC “A”.
Marshall Worthington 73 runs, Jack Martin (31), Peter Fraser (34), Brian Smith (40 not out) & John Zachariah 3/82 - MCC “C” 3/292 v. OXCC 8/234..
Jim Dwyer: 59 not out & Gavan Woodruff 32 not out v. Old Scotch No.2 side.
Brian Smith: 5/42 v. St. Kilda, &, 5/55 v. Old Wesley.
Chris Ley: 5/20 v. Old Caulfield Grammarians, &, 6/17 v. OMs.
Win by all rounders: Chris Ley (4/34 & 11 not out), Brian Smith (5/42 & top score of 21) plus Mick Mulcahy (19) - OXCC 9/91 v. St. Kilda 79.
Tenth wicket partnership; 69 runs (no extras) - Brendan O’Sullivan (59 of his 85 runs) & John Zachariah (10 runs) v. HEM.

Bowling partners:
John Zachariah (4/16) & Nick Vale (4/34) v. Old Scotch No.1.
Chris Ley (4/22) & Nick Vale (3/20) v. Old Camberwell.
Chris Ley (5/20) & Brian Smith (4/28) v. Old Caulfield Grammarians.
Chris Ley (6/17) & Brian Smith (3/16) v. OMs.
Chris Ley (4/59), Brian Smith (3/32) & Brendan O’Sullivan (2/39) v. Old Scotch No.2 side.
Nick Vale (41 runs), Peter Fraser (23), Chris Ley (4/34), Brian Smith (2/20) & John Zachariah (2/29) on defeating University (117 to 8/119, after a collapse from 3/106).
Brian Smith (5/55) & Chris Ley (3/61) v. Old Wesley.

Another win was achieved over the OLs. The OLs elected to field and dismissed the team for 132 (Gavan Woodruff 65). The OLs were all out for 108 (Gavan Woodruff and John Zachariah 3 wickets each).

Another win was achieved over the OLs at Xavier. The Club batted first and raised a score of 8/202 (Peter Stanley 91). The OLs responded with a score of 183 runs with the weighty bat of Reg Green taking him to 97 runs when he was caught out just short of the boundary line. Brian Smith took 5/68 and Gavan Woodruff 4/46. To this point, the 20th year, the results were OXCC 12 wins, OLs 7 wins and the washed out fixture in 1976.


Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted in this decade 

Kevin Barge, Nick Bartels, Richard Borghesi (Capt. 1997/98, wicketkeeper, Premiership player 1986/87, 89/90 & 96/97), James “Tappy” Brown (Premiership player 1989/90), Tim Cosgrave (Premiership player 1984/85, 86/87 & 89/90), Matthew Dalton (Premiership player 1989/90), Bill Denton, John Dillon, Anthony Duggan, Joe Forrest (Premiership player 1986/87, 89/90 & 96/97), John Gibson, Chris Gleeson S.J., Steve Gorman, J. Grenville, Bernard Heaphy (Premiership player 1986/87,89/90 & 96/97), Damien Honan, Paddy Hoppe, David Jordan, Maurie King (Premiership player 1984/85), John McEncroe, Andy Maizels, Hugh Martin, Simon Martin (Premiership player 1986/87), Steve Millard, Ed Northam (Premiership player 1989/90), Carl Nunan (Premiership player 1984/85,86/87, 96/97 & 2000/01), David O’Shaughnessy (Premiership player 1984/85, 86/87 & 89/90), Mal Perriam (Premiership player 1984/85), Brendan Prowse, Peter Prowse (Premiership player 1986/87), Fabian Purcell, Brendan O’Sullivan, Damian O’Sullivan (Premiership player 1984/85). John O’Sullivan (wicket-keeper), Adam Trescowthick, Frank Veber, Craig Veljkovic, ? Waters, Peter Webb (Premiership player 1986/87), Mark Woodruff (Premiership player 1984/85).

Captain: Gavan Woodruff.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Peter Howard (32.00). 
Other batting Brian Smith (26.59) 
Ed Borghesi 24.25.
Bowling: Chris Ley 13.39. 
Other bowling: John Nicholson (17.85) 
Brian Smith (18.75).


Captain: David O’Shaughnessy.

The Club rose to seventh with 6 wins from 12 games, the credit for the rise given to our younger players.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Ed Borghesi (42.9).
Bowling: Paul Bendall (13 @ 13.7).

Paul Bendall: 6/35 v. Old Trinity.
Paul Bendall: 7/37 v. Old Haileybury (OH).
David O’Shaughnessy: 129 runs v. Hawthorn-East Melbourne (“HEM”).

185 runs - David O’Shaughnessy & Ed Borghesi v. HEM.
103 runs (unbeaten) - David Jordan (73 runs not out) & Anthony Borghesi (38 runs not out) v. OH.

Ed Borghesi: 3 unbeaten innings of 60 runs, 83 runs and 63 runs v. MCC “C”, HEM and St, Kilda respectively, and, another 61 runs v. Old Scotch.
Damien O’Sullivan 86 runs v. Old Camberwell.

The School defeated the Club. It was intended to re-instate the game against the School to an annual event.

A traveling party of 27 played two unsuccessful games on the field against the OLs but Leo Borghesi reported in the “Xavier News” that it was heard “through the grape vine” that more encouraging results were achieved at popular establishments in Launceston and Hobart (and probably not for the first time on these events, home or away)..

Captain: David O’Shaughnessy.

A further rise in the Club’s fortunes resulted in 7 wins and it narrowly missed the finals. The team was now described as a younger one. Particular reference was made to the drive and enthusiasm of David O’Shaughnessy, Paul Bendall and Ed Borghesi 

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: David O’Shaughnessy 427 @ 42.7.
Paul Bendall 280 @ 35.0.
Mark Woodruff 231 @ 28.8.

Bowling: John Zachariah 11 @ 11.54 (52 overs).
Tim Cosgrave 14 @ 15.42 (73).
Carl Nunan 21 @ 18.44 (123).
Paul Bendall 18 @ 18.52 (107).

David O’Shaughnessy won the MCC Club XI batting aggregate and average. 
First wicket record partnership - 229 runs - David O’Shaughnessy & Paul Bendall (including innings of 131 runs to Paul Bendall and 93 runs to David O’Shaughnessy: v. Hawthorn-East Melbourne..
Paul Bendall: 6/47 v. Old Haileybury.
Carl Nunan: 6/57 v. Old Caulfield.

Sufficient numbers were recruited to field 3 teams in matches at the School, one against the School and two against the OLs. The School had a resounding win but the Club defeated the OLs’ Firsts and “Gentlemen’s” Elevens. This was the 24th. annual OLs’ event.

At the beginning of the season, a motion was passed to award Life Membership to Bill Carroll, a decision which was to be repeated at the beginning of the 1996/97 season, presumably to ensure that the actual award had not been overlooked on this occasion.

1984/85 - The First Premiership Season
Captain: David O’Shaughnessy

The Premiership team and Grand final contributions
Scores: Old Scotch Blues 153 (all out) v. OXCC: 8/276.

Mal Perriam 12 
Mark Woodruff 6 
Maurie King 4 
David O’Shaughnessy 105 
Jim Dwyer 3 
Damian O’Sullivan 22 
Tim Cosgrave 0 
Paul Bendall 15
Carl Nunan 73 not out
Ed Borghesi 7 not out 
John Zachariah (did not bat). 
Extras 25 

Maurie King 2/22
David O’Shaughnessy 1/28 
Tim Cosgrave 2/42 
Carl Nunan 1/39 
John Zachariah 4/9 

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Club Champion and Premiership captain: David O’Shaughnessy
Bowling: John Zachariah.

Success this season was due to excellent fielding of a remarkably young team (in terms of the recent OXCC past, all but two well under 30 years of age), the all-round batting and bowling performances of the captain, the consistently strong batting of Jim Dwyer, Mark Woodruff, Mal Perriam and Maurie King, and, the depth of bowling of John Zachariah, Carl Nunan, Paul Bendall, Tim Cosgrave and Maurie King. Only one loss was suffered and that in the last home and away game.
Jim Dwyer: a century v. Old Melburnians.
David O’Shaughnessy: 81 runs in Semi-Final v. Old Camberwell.
David O’Shaughnessy: 105 runs in Grand Final v, Old Scotch.
Carl Nunan: Unbeaten 73 runs in less than one hour in Grand Final resulting in Old Scotch conceding the premiership to OXCC after the second of the three days scheduled for the game ­ Scores: 153 v. 8/276.

Bowling partners:
In the Semi-Final v. Old Camberwell - Carl Nunan (4/50) & David O’Shaughnessy (3/45).
In the Grand Final v. Old Scotch ­ John Zachariah (4/9 off 10 overs) & Maurie King (2/22)

The Club finished the season in the finals but a drawn semi-final saw the Club eliminated by Old Wesley (“OW”) with the Club reaching 8/208, including an undefeated ninth wicket partnership of 65 runs between Peter Prowse (24 of his 27 runs not out) and Bernard Heaphy (42 not out) in chasing OW’s score of 6/249. OW had also defeated the Club narrowly earlier in the season.

The match v. Old Scotch
Jim Dwyer’s big (and probably the best) double performance for the Club:: an unbeaten 198 runs & 7/18 (10.2 overs) v. Old Scotch. His innings included 2 partnerships exceeding 100 runs. His contributions were: Fourth wicket partnership: Dwyer 52 of the 111 runs added with John O’Sullivan (56 runs) & Eighth wicket partnership: Dwyer 111 runs of the unbeaten 153 runs added with Ed Borghesi (40 not out). 
Old Scotch was dismissed for 86 runs chasing the Club’s 7/359. Their innings included 2 run-outs and a wicket to Tim Cosgrave.
David O’Shaughnessy: 153 runs v. Old Trinity and 132 runs v. Old Melburnians
Paul Bendall 6/35, Maurie King 52 not out & David O’Shaughnessy 33 not out v. another Old Scotch team.
Carl Nunan 70 not out and Maurie King 47 not out v. OW in the season proper. They shared an unbeaten fourth wicket partnership of 113 runs with contributions of 70 and 40 respectively.
Maurie King: 61 runs v. Hawthorn-East Melbourne.
Fifth wicket partnership: 106 runs ­ David O’Shaughnessy (72 of his 132 runs) & Tim Cosgrave (31 of his 46 runs) in the win over OMs (9/269 to 184 all out). 
Bowling partners: Carl Nunan (5/58) & Bernard Heaphy (3/29) in that match.

Eighth wicket partnership: 58 runs ­ Ed Borghesi (34 runs of his 36) & Bernard Heaphy (22 runs)v. Old Haileybury

1986/87 - The Second Premiership Season
Captain: Tim Cosgrave.

Success this season came despite a turnover of players in the last two years. Of the players who represented the Club in the 1984/85 Grand Final, only 5 appeared in this year’s premiership team ­ O’Shaughnessy, Cosgrave, Nunan, Ed Borghesi and Zachariah. The new faces in the team were Peter Webb, Peter Prowse, Simon Martin, Joe Forrest, Bernard Heaphy and Richard Borghesi (the youngest of Leo’s three sons to represent the Club).

On reaching the final four, the semi-finals played were: 
Old Melburnians (“OMs”) v. Richmond, and, OXCC v. MCC “C”. 

As a result of the washout of the first day’s play, these matches proceeded as one day games, a fact of which Richmond’s captain was unaware. As the lower finishing of the two sides, he thought that his side needed to win the game outright whereas in fact any win would have sufficed. Richmond declared at 0/0 and basically handed the game to the OMs. The Club won the other semi-final ­ OXCC 8/129 v. MCC “C” 9/117. The game had its heated moments with the opposition’s appeal for obstructing the field when it alleged that a call of “drop it” by a batsman caused the very same to happen. There was also a collision or “steamrolling” involving David O’Shaughnessy and Josephenson of the Cs. 

Premiership victory over Old Melburnians ­ 
Scores: OMs 201(all out) v. OXCC 9/202. 
The opposition’s total was kept in check by the tight bowling of 104.1 overs (33 maidens) at less than two runs per over. This is shown in the following returns: 

Peter Webb: 20-5-2-44 
Carl Nunan: 15-2-0-34 
David O’Shaughnessy: 15-6-1-37
Tim Cosgrave: 6 -4-0-8 
Bernard Heaphy: 19.1-9-5-23 
John Zachariah: 27-7-1-42 
Simon Martin: 2-0-0-2 
Extras: 11 

David O’Shaughnessy 75
Peter Webb 8
Peter Prowse 36 
Carl Nunan 9
Simon Martin 9
Joe Forrest 14
Tim Cosgrave 29 not out
Ed Borghesi 1
Bernard Heaphy 4 
Richard Borghesi 7 
John Zachariah 2 not out 
Extras 8

Victory was not attained without a great deal of drama as the team collapsed from 1/107 to be 8 wickets down with 38 runs for victory. The target was reached on the back of arguably Tim Cosgrave’s best innings (29 not out) if not highest score for the Club. He required the support and determined defence of Richard Borghesi (7 runs) and John Zachariah (2 runs not out) in partnerships of 22 and 19 runs respectively for the ninth and last wickets. According to Tim, this was John Zachariah’s first bat for the season, hence the tension, if not high anxiety and lack of confidence in there being a favourable result until Tim hit the winning boundary. 

Averages/aggregates (if known): 
Batting: David O’Shaughnessy: 83.00.
Five other players averaged over 30 runs per innings (Peter Prowse 47, Simon Martin and Peter Webb 36, Carl Nunan 35 and Ed Borghesi 33).

The main wicket takers were Peter Webb with 17, John Zachariah 12, Bernard Heaphy 9 and Carl Nunan 8.

David O’Shaughnessy (75 runs) & Peter Prowse (36) v. Old Melburnians in the GF.
David O’Shaughnessy (107 runs), J. Grenville (51) & Peter Prowse (44) v. O W.
David had another substantial score during the season ­ 97 runs (opponent?).

Carl Nunan: A top score of 35 runs to get the team over the line v. MCC “C” in the Semi-Final, reduced to a one-day game due to rain (8/129 v 9/117). He took 3/30 in that game with Bernard Heaphy 3/40 and Peter Webb 2/18. 
Carl also scored an unbeaten 127 runs, in an earlier game against MCC “C”. It helped the team overtake a score of 328 on the Motel oval.

Peter Webb’s double: 84 runs and 6/53 v. HEM.
Bernard Heaphy: 5/38 v. University.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Mark Woodruff 332 @ 36.88.
Other batting: David O’Shaughnessy 275 @ 34.37, Richard Barghesi 161 @ 23.00, Joe Forrest 113 @ 22.60 & Ed Borghesi 110 @ 22.00.

Bowling: John Zachariah 37 @ 11.64.
Other bowling: Bernard Heaphy 18 @ 18.44, David O’Shaughnessy 15 @ 19.80 & Tim Cosgrave 8 @ 18.87.

Reigning Premiers, Old Wesley, defeated, 106 to 2/107 with David O’Shaughnessy 61 (and a wicket) and John Zachariah 9/37.
Defeated Old Scotch Reds: 143 to 4/146 with John Zachariah (7/27) and Mark Woodruff (53 runs).. 
Mark Woodruff: Two other scores of 63 and 82 runs (opponents not named).
Richard Borghesi: a score of 50 runs (opponents not named).
David O’Shaughnessy: Two other scores of 52 and 69 runs (opponents not named).
Bernard Heaphy: an innings return of 5/61 (opponents not named).

The Club won 6 games and lost 4 games (3 wash-outs). It finished sixth. The lack of success was in part due to a lack of depth resulting from reduced numbers. David O’Shaughnessy left the Club for sub-district ranks, Last year’s winners of the batting and bowling figures, Mark Woodruff and John Zachariah, were incapacitated for significant parts of the season. David and Mark were the Club’s major run scorers in recent seasons. 

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Joe Forrest 420 runs and Ed Borghesi 275 runs for the season.

Bernard Heaphy took 34 wickets and Carl Nunan 26 wickets for the season.

First wicket partnership: 168 runs ­ Peter Webb & Richard Borghesi.v. MCC”A”.
Peter Webb: 115 not out v. MCC “A”.
Richard Borghesi 68 runs v. MCC”A”.
Joe Forrest: 75 not out v. Old Scotch Blues, 82 runs v. Richmond Club XI & 53 runs v. MCC “C”.
Ed Borghesi: 66 runs v. Old Caulfield & 73 runs v, Richmond.
Carl Nunan: 5/31 v. University & 7/39 v. Old Scotch Reds.
Bernard Heaphy: 5/17 v. Old Caulfield & 5/35 v. Old Haileybury.
James Brown: Two 4 wicket hauls v. Old Scotch Reds.
John Zachariah: 5/46 (from 36 overs) v. Old Wesley.

1989/90 - The Third Premiership Season
A premiership won from fourth position, defeating Old Wesley (“OW”) in a hard fought match. Batting first, the Club scored 246 runs all out. OW were dismissed for 213 runs with Bernard Heath cleaning up the tail with 3/8 off his last 7 over. The President also concluded his report to the “Xavier News” with a special mention for Ed Northam who supported his captain with 2 magnificent catches at second slip, “significant catches in any standard of cricket”.

The Grand Final team:
Ed Northam (7 runs), Richard Borghesi (57), Joe Forrest (15), Peter Webb (45), David O’Shaughnessy (68), Tim Cosgrave, Matt Dalton (16), Bernard Heaphy (captain), James Brown, Ed Borghesi, John Zachariah.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Special mention was made of the contributions of Peter Webb, David O’Shaughnessy, Ed Northam, Joe Forrest, Matt Dalton, Ed and Richard Borghesi

Bowling efforts were well spread with special mentions to Bernard Heaphy and James Brown (particularly for their combined performances in the finals), John Zachariah (27 wickets for the season), John McEncroe, Peter Webb, Ed Northam and Richard Borghesi, all well supported by their fielders.

David O’Shaughnessy, showing continued excellent form in finals: 68 runs v. OW in the Grand Final.
Richard Borghesi: 57 runs & 2/17 v. OW in the Grand Final.
Peter Webb: 45 runs v. OW in the Grand Final.
Peter Webb: 52 runs v. Old Camberwell in the Semi-Final.
Peter Webb: An unbeaten 69 runs v. Old Haileybury (“OH”).
Ed Northam: 52 v. OH.
Bowling partners: Bernard Heaphy 6/21 & James Brown 4/25 v. Old Camberwell in the Semi-Final (with another 7 wickets between them in the Grand Final).

The Club had two undefeated centurians in the annual match v. OLs ­ Ed Borghesi 102 runs and Peter Webb 101 runs.


Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted in this decade 

Hamish Bull, Ed Burnes (Premiership player 1996/97 & 2000/01), Anthony Caputi, Anthony Coburn (wicket-keeper, Premiership player 1996/97 & 2000/01), Tim Considine, Damien Crock, Pat Cunningham, Damien Dalton, Brendan Devine, Rob Dillon (Premiership player 1996/97), T Dunlevie, Chris Ellis, Mark Ellis, Ross Featherstone, Matt Gabelich, Justin Gartland, Andy Gowers (Premiership player 2000/01), Anthony Gurry (Premiership player 1996/97), M. Gurry, P Hall, Angus Hamilton (a wicket with his first ball for the Club), Rohan Hawker (Premiership player 1996/97 & 2000/01), Anthony Hawkins, Pat Hawkins, Simon Hede, Patrick Hill (Premiership player 2000/01), B. Hughes, Adam Jones, M. Juracich, Simon Keenan, Mick Kelliher, Tony Keyhoe, David King, Steven Lawrence, Adam Lennon, Chris Loftus-Hills (Premiership player 1996/97), John MacKinnon, Charles McNamara, C. Morris, Sam Nunan, Tim O’Sullivan, Andrew Peters, Terry Peters, Simon Power, Peter Rooney, Martin Rush (Premiership player 2000/01), Michael Scalzo, Jock Serong, Mark Slattery, Adam Stanley, Dan Strachan, Paul Trainor, Rob Tucker (Premiership player 2000/01), Sam Tucker (Premiership player 1996/97 & 2000/01), Barry Vienet, Tom Winter.

With the absence of a number of players from the premiership team and the temporary absences of others, the season did not develop as the Club had anticipated although the season had started promisingly with pre-Christmas victories over Old Scotch Reds, MCC “A” and Old Caulfield Grammarians (“OCG”) and, after the break, over Hawthorn-East Melbourne (“HEM”) and University. Nevertheless, there were several highlights as noted below (with thanks to Joe Forrest for the report that he sent to the “Xavier News). The team finished eighth.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Ed Borghesi ­ 58.7 from 6 innings.
Bowling: Bernard Heaphy - 24 wickets @ 19.67.

Joe Forrest: 60 runs & Tim Cosgrave an unbeaten 42 runs v. Old Scotch Reds.
Peter Webb: an unbeaten 45 in a washout v. Old Trinity.
Richard Borghesi: 69 runs & Peter Webb 48 runs v. MCC “A”.
Richard Borghesi: 60 runs & Peter Webb 40 runs v. Richmond Club XI.
David O’Shaughnessy 60 runs & unbeaten 79 and 48 runs by Joe Forrest & Ed Borghesi respectively in a score of 2/204 in the victory over OCG.
Bernard Heaphy scored 67 runs & Richard Borghesi an unbeaten 46 runs v. HEM.
Richard Borghesi: 50 runs v. Old Melburnians.
Ninth wicket partnership: 73 runs ­ Ed Borghesi (whose 78 runs nearly all came in the partnership) & John Zachariah (who rose in the batting order due to the temporary absence of the number ten batsman and who it is believed was credited with contributing one run to the partnership by an umpiring error; fortunately, he went on to score 19 legitimate and unbeaten runs).
John Zachariah: 5/19 from 10 0vers v. HEM.
Bernard Heaphy: 5/27 from 7 overs v. Old Scotch Blues in their second innings, a burst which almost achieved the outright victory needed to progress to the finals.
Bowling partners: Bernard Heaphy (5/50) & Sam Nunan (3/34) v. Old Scotch Reds.

Captain: Ed Borghesi
Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Mark Slattery 245 @ 30.6, Anthony Duggan 115@ 28.8, Mark Ellis ?? @ 26.3 & Andy Gowers 131 @ 26.2.

Bowling: Bernard Heaphy 9 @ 12.3, Mark Slattery 22 @ 15.5, Anthony Duggan 6 @13.1, David King 9 @ 15.4 & John Zachariah 21 @ 16.3.

Mark Slattery 60 runs, Carl Nunan 45 & Joe Forrest 44 v. Old Melburnians

Captain: Ed Borghesi

The Club finished the home & away season in second place but a washout in the last round restricted the points achievable to 3 whereas a victory would have placed the team in first place. However, this became a mere point of interest as the team subsequently lost its semi-final against Old Caulfield Grammarians by 10 runs although it had confined the opposition to 155 runs despite dropping some important catches,. It was the Club’s second loss to that club for the season.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Andy Gowers (268 runs @ 67).
Other batting: Joe Forrest (262 @ 32.8), Richard Borghesi (228 @ 32.6), Paul Bendall (227 @ 25.2).

Bowling: James Brown (16 @ 11.4).
Other bowling: Carl Nunan with a season high of 24 wickets @ 17.3, Peter Rooney (15 @ 20.3). John Zachariah (13 @ 20.7).

Carl Nunan: 9/60 (30 overs) v. Old Haileybury.
Opening partnership: 106 runs - Ed Northam (51) & Richard Borghesi (68) v. Brighton Club XI. 
Fourth wicket partnership: 177 runs ­ unbeaten hands by Andy Gowers (105 runs) & Joe Forrest (65 runs). Andy also made it a double by taking 4/25 in combination with Carl Nunan’s 3/31 in this victory over Old Scotch Reds in a low scoring event (8/92 v. 88 all out). 
Paul Bendall 60 runs & Ed Borghesi 45 runs v. Old Trinity.
Joe Forrest: 74 runs v. Old Melburnians (“OMs”) and 40 runs in the semi-final.
Richard Borghesi’s spell of 5/20 (7 overs) and Andy Gowers, an unbeaten 48 runs to defeat Old Scotch Blues. The Nunan brothers also took 2 wickets each in this game. Carl 2/35 and Sam 2/21.

James Brown: 6/29 (12 0vers) and a straight 6 off the fourth ball (from Tony Hargreaves) of the last over of the day to win the match v. Richmond Club XI. 

Bowling partners: 
Anthony Duggan (3/50), B. Hughes (3/6) & Peter Rooney (2/33) v. Old Trinity.
Peter Rooney (3/25), James Brown (2/20) & John Zachariah (3/16) v OMs.
John Zachariah (4/69), Carl Nunan (3/25) & Peter Rooney (2/59).v. MCC “C”.
Carl Nunan (3/56), James Brown (2/26) & Paul Bendall (2/30) v. Old Wesley. 
Paul Bendall (3/15), Carl Nunan (2/30) & John Zachariah (2/44) in the semi-final.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Damien Dalton won the competition award for greatest number of wickets.


1996/97 - The Fourth Premiership Season
Captain: Terry Peters.

The premiership came after finishing in fourth position on the ladder and defeating the top team, Old Haileybury, in the semi-final. The previous premiership had also come from fourth position.

The Grand Final saw the Club pitted against Old Scotch Reds and needing a victory as the lower placed team. A score of 97 runs batting first was not a promising start. The difficulty scoring underlined the value of the contributions in the first innings of Richard Borghesi (31 runs) and Anthony Gurry (21 runs). 

Fortunately, the first two innings in the game were low scoring affairs. In reply, the team was able to dismiss the Reds for only 87 runs with the bowling honours being shared by Carl Nunan (4/27), Sam Tucker (3/31), Robert Dillon (2/3) and Ed Burnes (1/12). The one wicket by Ed Burnes proved to be a turning point in the game. It broke a partnership which had advanced the Reds score from 6/16 to 6/67

Richard Borghesi 31 
Anthony Coburn 0 
Sam Tucker 2 
Joe Forrest 0 
Anthony Gurry 21 
Rohan Hawker 0 
Chris Loftus=Hills 7 
Carl Nunan 8
Rob Dillon 9
Bernard Heaphy 0 not out
Ed Burnes 0
Extras: 19

Sam Tucker 3/31
Carl Nunan 4/27
Bernard Heaphy 0/12
Ed Burnes 1/12
Rob Dillon 2/3

In the Club’s second innings, it was able to bat the opposition out of the game with a score of 9/283. The major scorers in the second innings were Anthony Gurry (75 runs), Anthony Coburn (63), Carl Nunan (43) and Bernard Heaphy (22).

The Club’s success was very much a tribute to its depth of players and support with more than 25 players appearing throughout the season.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Joe Forrest 297 runs @ 42.3 and Anthony Gurry 237 runs @ 39.5.
Carl Nunan 24 @ 17.1, Ed Burnes 18 @ 15.4, Adam Jones 16 @ 13.5 and Rob Dillon 16 @ 11.7.

Sam Tucker 57 runs (in his first game), Tom Winter 54 runs & Carl Nunan 5/37 v. University Graduates.
Terry Peters 92 runs & Adam Jones 40 runs v. Old Trinity.
Anthony Gurry 96 runs & Joe Forrest 36 runs v. Old Wesley (OW).
Anthony Coburn: 63 runs. Sam Tucker 57 runs.
Richard Borghesi: 71 runs v. Old Scotch Blues in the last home & away game. This innings (together with Rob Dillon’s 4/11) was the foundation for the victory which lifted the team from fifth place into the finals.

Joe Forrest’s back to back innings in the game v. OMs:- 52 runs & an unbeaten 50 runs (plus his one wicket from the last over of the game, his one and only over for the season, an over which featured a no-ball as the penultimate delivery).
Joe’s batting and very good bowling spells by Adam Jones (7/47) & Ed Burnes (3/16) in the first innings and again Ed Burnes (4/47) & Rob Dillon (4/50) in the second innings set up the chance for the outright win. However, the Club was not to be awarded points for an outright win despite the absence of the OMs’ No. 11 batsman when the ninth and last available wicket was taken by Joe Forrest on the final ball of the game. In other words, the fictitious player could not have batted as the game was over before he had an opportunity to bat.
Joe Forrest (68 runs) & Anthony Coburn (38 runs) and Adam Jones (3/32) & Ed Burnes (2/26) in the semi-final victory over Old Haileybury. Adam suffered split webbing to his hand taking a hot caught and bowled chance from the OMs’ skipper. The injury kept Adam out of the Grand Final team

Rob Dillon: 5/41 v. Old Caulfield Grammarians.

Bowling partners: 
Carl Nunan (3/45), Adam Jones (2/55) & Ed Burnes (2/6) v. OW.
Carl Nunan (3/13), James Hawkins (3/27) & Bernard Heath (2/23) v. Richmond.
Rob Dillon (4/50) & Ed Burnes (4/47) v. OMs.
The Club defeated the School for the Lou Zachariah Trophy with Pat Hawkins (5/27 from 19 overs and 69 runs) and an unbeaten 54 runs by Anthony Gurry.

Captain: Richard Borghesi.

Richard was also awarded the inaugural Eldon Hogan Memorial Trophy for Best Clubman at the AGM on 23 October, 1997.

The Club just failed to reach the finals, finishing fifth with 5 wins, 5 losses and a draw. The last game was washed out and there was no chance to bridge the gap on the final four. The second half of the season saw improvement in the team’s results, a reflection of the unavailability of a number of players before the Christmas break. 

Bernard Heaphy 5/22 (8 overs) & Jim Hawkins (66) v. University Club XI.
Anthony Coburn (105 run) & Joe Forrest (112 runs) v. MCC. This was Joe’s maiden century for the Club.

During this season, Mark Woodruff returned after an absence of 9 years with a top score of 32 runs v. OMs. Mark was a member of the 1984/84 premiership team and won the Club batting averages in 1987/88. 

Life Memberships awarded to Bill Carroll & Brian Lugar.

Captain: Rohan Hawker.

The Club finished second. 

The season got off to a slow start with two losses but the season improved starting with a win with an over to spare chasing Carlton’s score of 150 runs and eventually the Club reached the Grand Final against its higher placed opposition, Old Scotch Reds Chasing 9/301 declared, the Reds had struggled to 5/103 on the second day. No play was possible on the third and last day and therefore the trophy was presented to Old Scotch. The Reds were most likely saved by the washout and thus fortuitously exacted some revenge for the defeat two years earlier.

Adam Jones: 44 runs off 30 balls v. Carlton. 
Ninth wicket partnership of 29 runs by Rob Tucker & Ed Burnes to defeat OMs off the second last ball of the final over from which 11 runs were required; the over including a six to Rob and a four to Ed.

Chris Ellis (42 runs) & Anthony Coburn (36 runs) in the semi-final v. Old Haileybury.

Captain: Pat Hill.

The Club played in a competition with some colourful names ­ Haileybury Magenta, Haileybury Black, Old Scotch Blues, Old Scotch Reds as well as Carlton, OCG, OW, OT, OMs, Uni Grads, Uni Fives and one MCC team. Due to the uneven number of teams, a bye needed to be played. In future years, a second OXCC team was contemplated and introduced.

Early losses prevented the Club from contesting the finals.
The major players for the Club as noted by Ed Burnes in the “Xavier News for this season were:
Batsmen ­ Anthony Coburn, the “ageless” Joe Forrest, Adam Jones (of the unfortunate habit of being caught on the boundary) and Adam Lennon..
Bowlers ­ Rob Tucker, Adam Jones and Damien Dalton (who revealed some all-round ability, “often finishing the innings with red ink”).

Rob Tucker 5/24 & Anthony Coburn 94 runs v.University Fives.
Sam Tucker: 60 odd runs v. Haileybury Blacks.
Bowling partners: Rohan Haawker (4/32) & Sam Tucker (3/60) v. Old Scotch Blues.


Officials, players, members and/or supporters first noted in this decade 

Sam Adams, Josh Agius, Paddy Allen, Garry Altis, Luke Ball, Alistair Bloom, Duncan Bond (WA), Andrew Bowen, Pat Brennan, Hamish Buckley, Nick Butler, Adrian Carr, Maurice “Pig” Corsi, Matt Cosgrave, Luke Cotchet, Matt Cracknell, Nigel Crawley (Premiership player 2000/01), Shaun Cross, Josh Douglas, Dan Dunlevie, Chris Dynon, Tom Fitzgerald, Richard French, Ben Gibson, Jeremy Gibson, Rory McCormack, Matthew Gibson, Liam Ginnivan (wicket-keeper), Pat Halpin, Josh Hanger, Leigh Hansen, Matt Hopper, Luke Howard, Nick Hulett, Andrew Jones, Matt Jones, “Dagger” Kaine, Jerry Kempe, ? Knox, Adam Lennon, Simon McCarthy, Rory McCormack, James “Malla” McDonnell, Jeremy “Jed” McDonnell, Dan Molan, Charles Moon, Ciaren Nolan, ? Nour, ? Pattison, David Prowse, Pat Purcell, David Quinn, Tim Rourke (Premiership player 2000/01), Dan Rush, Joe Rush, Martin Rush, Nick Serafini, Matt Skidmore, John-Andrew Stack, Daniel Stoney, Andrew Tehan, Julian Timms, Tim Trahair, Lex Vasdekis, Pat Walker, Jobe Watson, David Webb.

During this decade, two day games were dropped from the competition. This has resulted in players being restricted in their scoring of high run totals unless taking the long handle to the opposition bowling. Similarly, the potential for large hauls of wickets is reduced by bowlers being restricted to a maximum of 8 overs per innings. The highlights’ packages will also be lessened. 

2000/01 The Fifth Premiership Season
Captain: Pat Hill.
Andy Gowers resumed with the Club after several years with the Brisbane Lions

It appears to be somewhat of a habit in premiership years to finish the home and away season in fourth position. This year it meant not only facing the top team in the semi-final but the reigning and undefeated premier, Old Caulfield Grammarians. However, the team performed strongly batting first after Pat Hill won the toss. The scoring was spread down the list and 211 runs were made. The scorers included the opening batsmen Pat Hill (44) and Sam Tucker (36), Nigel Crawley (35 not out), Andy Gowers (24), Rohan Hawker (20), Tim Rourke (19) and Ed Burnes (19).

The bowling then destroyed the opposition, conceding only 80 runs. The chief destroyer was Sam Tucker (6/38 from 22 overs), ably supported by Rob Tucker (2/31) and Carl Nunan (2/1).

Grand Final
A change of venue was forced by the curator of the Albert Ground and the game was played at Ross Straw Field, Parkville. The opponent was Old Haileybury (“OH”). Pat Hill again won the toss and batted first. The team reached a competitive total of all out for 302 runs despite the loss of two early wickets. 

When OH batted, their openers held the attack out until Rob Tucker made the initial breakthrough and his brother Sam the next five. OH was reduced then to 7/100 at stumps. In this final, rain did not come to the rescue of the higher placed team. It was dismissed for 168 runs despite their top scorer reaching 90 not out. Of the 3 bowlers called upon, Sam Tucker was the chief destroyer with 7/75 with Rob Tucker taking 2/42 and Carl Nunan 1/40.

The OXCC details were: 
Rob Tucker 16 
Pat Hill 13
Sam Tucker 79
Anthony Coburn 46 
Martin Rush 31 
Andy Gowers 25 
Tim Rourke 56 
Rohan Hawker 23
Nigel Crawley 5 
Ed Burnes 0 
Carl Nunan 2 not out 

Extras 6 
All out 302

Rob Tucker 2/42
Sam Tucker 7/75
Carl Nunan 1/40

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Martin Rush 185 @ 46.3, Sam Tucker 368 @ 46.0 & Pat Hill 291 @ 41.6.
Bowling: Carl Nunan 8 @ 14.0, SamTucker 21 @ 14.6, Rob Tucker 8 @ 17.0 & Nigel Crawley 14 @ 19.1.

Sam Tucker 79 runs & Tim Rourke 56 runs in the Grand Final v. OH.
Sam Tucker: 6/38 in the semi-final v. OCG and 7/75 from 30 straight, unchanged overs in the Grand Final. 
Unbeaten hands: 61 runs by Sam Tucker and 37 runs by Martin Rush v. Old Trinity.
A score of 103 runs by Sam Tucker & an unbeaten 105 runs by Pat Hill v. Old Haileybury, including their second wicket partnership of 192 runs. Also, Nigel Crawley took 4/53 in this victory.
Rob Tucker: 66 runs v. Old Scotch Blues.
Rob Tucker an unbeaten 76 runs & Pat Hill 50 runs v. Old Wesley.
Sam Tucker: an unbeaten 61 runs v. Old Trinity
Martin Rush: 70 runs v. University.

Life Memberships awarded to David O’Shaughnessy and John Zachariah who joined Bill Carroll who was until then the only living Life Member (1997).

Captain: Pat Hill.

Surprisingly after a successful year, the Club experienced difficulty raising enough players to appear consistently. 6 to 8 players formed the core of the team. The team was placed mid-list in a competition including two Old Caulfield teams named Fury and Rage, an MCC team, the usual old boys’ teams and Uni Fives (who withdrew prior to the next season wanting more two day games and due to lack of independent umpires).

Rohan Hawker: 60 runs v. MCC.

Life Memberships were awarded to Dr. Jack Martin and Carl Nunan, whose exploits have been noted previously and both have fulfilled the role of President.

After a break of some 10 years, the Club traveled to Tasmania to play the Old Launcestonians. The latter club’s esteemed stalwart and veteran Brendan Lyons (XC 1939 - 1944) on this occasion turned out and opened the bowling for the tourists, a feat he had not in Xavier colours since 1944

Captain: Sam Tucker.

The season commenced brightly with a rare win at Wesley’s Syndal campus. Chasing 8/290, the Club reached 3/290. Efforts over the rest of the season were good enough for the Club to reach the finals, again in fourth place. However, it did not get beyond the semi-final against Old Haileybury which it lost 269 to 129. The chief performers in this final were James McDonnell (3/44), Dan Strachan (2/43 and 22 runs) and Pat Hill (29 runs).

Sam Tucker’s 4/69 and 47 not out, Andrew Bowen’s 61 runs and the unbeaten hand of 157 runs by debutant Luke Cotchett in the victory over Old Wesley. This was the highest individual score since the 198 scored by Jim Dwyer 15 or so years earlier.

Dan Strachah (81 runs), Adrian Carr (48) & Pat Hill (42) v. Old Scotch Blue.
Sam Tucker 8/100, Rob Tucker (101 runs), Pat Hill (88), Luke Cotchett (58) & Luke Ball v. Old Scotch Red. 
Sam Tucker (59 runs) & Nigel Crawley (50) v. Old Trinity.
Sam Tucker: 54 runs v. Old Caulfield Blue (the OCG teams had changed their names to Blue and White).
Pat Hill (77 runs) & Sam Tucker (5/27) v. Old Melburnians.
Nick Hulett: 6/93 v. Old Haileybury.

Captain: Nick Hulett.

The Old Melburnians pulled its team out part of the way in to the season and Old Trinity was considering its future in the competition due to difficulty retaining players as other teams forfeited games against it. Old Brighton re-joined the Club XI competition.

The Club rose up the ladder to finish third after the home & away games (including a string of 7 straight wins). This earned the team another semi-final against Old Haileybury which had been defeated very comfortably earlier this season. OH won the semi-final and went on to win the flag.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Bowling (H & A games): Luke Howard (16 @ 11 including returns of 5/33 and 4/28)

Dan Strachan: 139 runs v. Old Scotch.
Duncan Bond: scores of 78, 65, 49 and 46 runs.
James McDonnell: scores of 81 and 51 runs.
Liam Ginnivan: scores of 67 runs and 54 not out.
The Club hosted a match against and defeated the Primary Club of Australia on 22 March 2004. 

Captain: Nick Hulett.

The Club narrowly missed the finals. A win against Old Wesley in the last round would have taken the Club once again into the final four.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Pat Hill (247 runs @ 49).
Bowling: Jeremy McDonnell (19 @ 11.4)

Pat Hill: an unbeaten 108 runs and 5/20 (from 8 overs) v. Old Melburnians. Jeremy McDonnell: 5/50 v. Old Brighton.
Aggregates of more than 200 runs each by cousins Jeremy Gibson and Matt Gibson

The Club hosted a match against and defeated the Primary Club of Australia on 20 February 2005.

Captain: Nick Hulett.

This season again saw the Club finish in fifth place although it had stormed home in the last three matches with victories over two of the four finalists but suffered a washout when well on top against another (Old Wesley fell to 6/62 chasing 221 runs). A win in that game would have pushed the team into the four. Unfortunately, the damage had been done earlier in the season when it had only one victory before the Christmas break.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Josh Agius 477 runs, Liam Ginnivan 340 runs, Matt Gibson 319 runs from 5 innings (3 consecutive tons, 2 unbeaten) and Nick Butler 262 runs.
Bowling: Jeremy McDonnell 11 wickets

A team score of 5/336 from 40 overs, including Josh Agius with a score of 165 runs (21 fours & 7 sixes) & Liam Ginnivan 71 not out and 5 wickets v. Old Haileybury.
Josh Agius had other hands of 91 (49 balls), 86 and 75.
The Club defeated the School team (which included Jobe Watson and Luke Ball, AFL footballers) 168 runs to 164 runs.

Captain: James McDonnell. 

The other teams featured in the competition were MCC, Old Brighton, Old Haileybury, Old Melburnians, Old Scotch, Old Trinity and Old Wesley.

The Club finished on top of the home and away ladder with 12 successive one-day wins from the start of the season until it lost the last game at Xavier to the MCC. The first 4 victories were against the finalists of the previous season. The Club reached the Grand Final, contested in a “best of three” one-day games format but, after winning the first game, lost the two remaining games to Old Brighton.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: James McDonnell 344 runs @49 (1 century and also 16 wickets)
Ben Gibson 585 runs @ 45 (1 century & 4 half centuries). Liam Ginnivan also scored 331 runs in aggregate.
Bowling: Luke Howard & Matt Gibson - 21 wickets each.

All-round efforts of the captain (as noted) & Pat Brennan: 278 runs & 20 wickets. James McDonnell: an unbeaten 129 runs v. Old Brighton.
Liam Ginnivan: an unbeaten 75 runs v. Old Trinity.
Ben Gibson carried his bat for 50 runs not out v. Old Brighton and a further unbeaten 50 runs v. Old Wesley, a victory at Syndal.
Joe Rush: 3 half centuries
Life Memberships were awarded to Peter Rhoden, Alan McLean and Mark Roberts.


Captain: James McDonnell. 

The ambitious introduction of second team required new recruits to be brought into action to overcome a reliance on older players who would probably injure more easily. An erratic season followed due to many washouts and also forfeits by opposition clubs. The First team was placed fourth and faced the top side Old Brighton in the semi-final. The Club posted a score of 192 but was passed in the penultimate over by Old Brighton’s last pair. Old Brighton lost to Old Scotch in the Grand Final. The Second team played against the same opposition as the “firsts”. Accordingly, any achievements of its players are of like merit as those of players in the firsts. However, the side lacked the depth of talent of the firsts and it failed to reach the finals.

Averages/aggregates (if known):
Batting: Joe Rush
Bowling: Matt Cosgrave, James McDonnell and Luke Howard.

Captain: Joe Rush.

The First team had an early season success against the reigning premiers, Old Scotch, and success followed success despite the captain’s atrocious luck with the toss of the coin with his only success being in the semi-final. The run to the semi-final concluded with a final round victory over Old Wesley (“OW”) with the team scoring at over 10 runs per over, including the 84 runs of Dan Rush off 39 balls with 6 sixes and 7 fours. The team defeated Old Brighton in the semi-final and went on to meet Old Scotch (“OS”) in the best of the Grand Final games. Unfortunately, after a first game demolition of its opponent, it lost the final two games although the last game went down to the wire with OS, 8 wickets down, passing OXCC’s score off the first ball of the fortieth and final over.

Game 1 of the Grand Final:
OX 6/237 
- Dan Rush 116 runs, Hamish Buckley 45 runs and Joe Rush (39 not out). 
- Second wicket partnership of 158 runs ­ Dan Rush & Hamish Buckley.
OS 143 - Jeremy McDonnell 5/33.

Game 2 of the Grand Final:
OS 8/161 v. OX 126

Game 3 of the Grand Final:
OX 159 - Hamish Buckley 42 runs and Dan Rush 34 runs v. OS 8/161.

Two players with over 400 runs for the season: Dan Rush & Hamish Buckley.
David Webb: an unbeaten 55 runs (in his first game) v. OW.
Dan Rush 84 runs and unbeaten hands of 47 and 35 runs by Hamish Buckley and Dan Molan respectively in the second game v. OW.
Josh Douglas: 4/18 in the first game v. Old Haileybury (“OH”)
Pat Walker: 57 runs in the second game v. OH.
Hamish Buckley 53 runs and Dan Rush 45 runs v. Old Caulfield Grammarians.
Pat Halpin 49 runs and Joe Rush an unbeaten 65 runs in the second Old Trinity (“OT”) game.
Matt Cosgrave: 4/41 in a washed out match v. OT.
First wicket Partnership ­ 73 runs ­ Pat Walker & Dan Rush in the second OH game.
Second wicket partnership - 158 runs ­ Dan Rush & Buckley in Grand Final Game 1.
Third wicket partnership - 76 runs - Pat Halpin & Joe Rush v. OT.
Fourth wicket partnership in the semi-final v. Old Brighton ­ 107 runs ­ Matt Cosham & Leigh Hansen. In this game, Cosham scored 68 runs, Dan Rush 55 and Hansen 38.

The Second team was organized by Charles Moon, Matt O’Hanlon and David Quin. One of its stalwarts was Joe Forrest who again contributed the main highlights with the bat.
Joe Forrest ­ 51 runs v. OH, &, 75 runs v. Old Brighton.


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